Let’s play chess….

In my quiet time I discovered life is like playing chess.

Earth is my board, haters are my opponents, while the players on my side includes my angels, my supporters, and a few frienemies (friend enemies).  They are on my side simply to show me what my opponents are capable of.  Sure they look like they are for me, they make all the moves like my supporters, but when it’s time to make a block they actually open a space.

images-60This actually made the game harder because I was playing against opponents on both sides of the board.  I noticed I was drained, felt hopeless, and didn’t have the energy to move. Just then my supporters and angels started showing me the strategic planning side of things.  I noticed how they didn’t make moves until they carefully thought about the effects and consequences of what each move would represent for the entire team. They maneuvered in and out while using different pieces to throw off the opponents. Each move had nothing to do with perfection, but purpose and strategic reasoning and thinking. Before long my opponents were blocked, stuck, and left with all their weapons facing them.


When you learn to play the game of chess, you’re also learning to play the game of life.

Much Love,

Tracy B


You and I…..

My song choice of the day features the baddest R&B artist for me. His songs always soothes me. The way he sings, the ministry behind the lyrics, the passion beyond the words, his love for the art always finds me  in my weakest moments and somehow gives me strength to stay in the race.

He also did a remake of Sailing and each time I play it my spirit leaps for joy. Not because I think he’s handsome (cuz I do truly) but because I hear something more. It’s conviction, confidence, and definitely charisma. Check out Mr Avant and let me know what you all think. If you’re in the mood for great music listen to him on youtube.com and follow him on twitter @avantmusic. Then by all means download the new album on ITUNES. He really does have great music. I’m constantly hitting REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT..

I just have to share this with you all today!

Much Love,

Tracy B


I am titanium…………

Just wanted to share with you the song that continues to reign in my spirit.  It amazes me that it comes through a young man, but God has HIS way of performing miracles in the simplest forms; by using these words to encourage my soul.  (I’m Titanium)


Much Love,

Tracy B

Isolating for a moment……

I appreciate you for daily reading, enjoying my post, and being encouraged from each word God has given me to share with you.

I am taking a short leave of absence.  There are things God is saying, showing, and I need to focus, isolate myself, and get in HIS presence so that I can hear.

Thanks to all for your patience, prayers, and words of encouragement for me. I’m praying for ALL, please pray for me.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Yesterday, today and tomorrow…..

Have you ever tried going back in time with the knowledge and wisdom of today, wondering what if of yesterday, while disregarding the hopes of tomorrow?

I’ve been known to do this and still find myself doing it often times.  It’s a horrible trait as it traps you with semi depression because it starts off so innocently; something like life would’ve been better if I could’ve, or maybe I should’ve.  Before I realize it, I’m singing the shoulda, coulda, woulda song spending precious moments of today’s time in can’t change yesterday’s moments.

I think about past relationships (the men I’ve loved who didn’t love me).  I think about family I’ve helped who didn’t help me, friends I’ve befriended which turned out to be enemies, and time I’ve wasted that I can’t get back.  Funny thing is it all leads me back to the present.

Focus Tracy is what I tell myself aloud so I can hear it.  Focus Tracy is what I desire and need to do.  Focused Tracy is who I wish to know, but sighing is what I do!

All in all it’s a bunch of wasted time, but on the flip side it’s an abundance of gained knowledge. Yesterday is ONLY to learn from. Tomorrow is a great hope and mystery. While today is why you live~!

Get focused, or get left behind!! Live today to the fullest~~~~

Much Love,

Tracy B

He’s my friend……

One thing I’ve learned in this life is everyone is not going to like you.

Just because you have enemies doesn’t mean it’s the end of your world.  It’s meant to be that way.  God has designed certain obstacles, places, people and things to keep you on the path of righteousness.  I’m not saying God tempts or causes man to sin but I am saying it’s our choice when we are confronted with these situations that causes us to sin or miss the mark.

We have to be smarter than the wickedness of our enemies and wiser than they’re craftiness.  It’s not our battle to fight but it’s our duty to stand ready for battle.  Don’t wave the white flag for peace when war is all around you, that’s how you get beat.  You must first get to safety, assess the situation, take a deep breath and allow God to take the lead.

It’s okay to have enemies as long as God is your friend and you’re a friend of God!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Happy birthday Deja……

Happy Birthday to my lovely chocolate daughter Deja!!! She turned 14 and I’m so proud of the package God wrapped up from heaven and sent to me to unwrap, raise, and send out into the earth for a divine purpose.

Please join me in singing happy birthday to my gift from God!!


Much Love,

Tracy B

Moving forward…….

It’s a beautiful day today.  We have re-elected our history making President Barack Obama.  Even if you didn’t vote for him it’s still a time of celebration.

We have a leader whose motto is MOVING FORWARD!  I am ecstatic by that simply because that is what God desires for ALL of our lives.  We should move forward, leaving the past behind, and pressing toward a better tomorrow.  I appreciate the fact that both parties will work together to move our country and people into UNION and not division.

There should be no red states and blues states for we are all the UNITED states, ONE nation, under GOD, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. We say this when we pledge our allegiance to the flag and it should not be just a saying, but a way of life.

To God be the glory for Mitt Romney, his family, his supporters, and his followers. It’s not that he was defeated it’s just that God’s perfect will was and will always be done.


Much love,

Tracy B

Make peace not war……..

Happy Tuesday! It’s election day and of course we know every vote counts.

It’s interesting how things turn out when people unite and take a stand;  wars end, slavery ends, desegregation ends, camera’s at the red light ends. YES!!!  Imagine what life would be like if we all decided to take a stand against poverty, gas prices, crime, sex trafficking, drugs, crooked judicial system,living beneath our means, and everything else that you or I don’t like.  It will come swiftly to an end. However, it all starts within the mindset.

What are you willing to put to an end? What are you willing to begin? What will you stand for even if it means you have to fall?  What is that person, place or thing? What’s stopping you?


It’s better to fight for something than against something….(Kendall aka Wiza the great)

Much Love,

Tracy B


I am and what are you???…..

Whatever follows I am is going to come looking for you!

While watching Oprah’s life class, which featured special guest Pastor Joel Osteen, the topic of discussion was I am. The topic intrigued me and I decided to watch the show since I’m a fan of both Oprah Winfrey as well as inspirational Pastor Osteen.

He began talking about saying little things like I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m discouraged will come looking for you because you shall have what you say.  Well, I was thinking how I’d just said that same thing this morning because I felt truly tired, in pain, hate the hours of my job, and so forth. I noticed after saying those things how much worse things seemed to have gotten almost instantaneously. So I immediately began to change my way of speaking as I felt God was speaking through the both of them to reach little ole complaining me.

My next words…..

I am too smart to be defeated by the enemies lies and to wise to be defeated by his manipulation.  I am a beautiful leader for others just like me. I am here to change lives, hearts and minds through the power of God’s anointed word.  I am a servant and have a purpose to stay focused on the path God has ordained for me.  I am what I believe with my RICH self.….

Change your I am to something positive right now and watch that very thing come looking for you!! You shall have what you say indeed.

Much Love,

Tracy B