Trick or treat…..

Even when it seems like ALL hope is lost, God still manages to work ALL things together for my good.  What a tremendously wonderful God I serve!!

Today I had testing for a new job paying more, better hours, and closer in distance.  I made certain to study hard, leave early, and pray even harder before taking my test.  Can you believe I failed terribly. LOL! I couldn’t believe either.

However, while I sat and waited for the results I began chatting with the secretary and made a friend.  So before I left she slipped me a sticky note full of info for a job lead.  I called the number as soon as I reached my car. The lady and I began chatting and she advised me she would like to interview me over the phone and get me the job ASAP. What was so awesome is the job she offered pays more than the one I tested for, better hours, and the distance is bearable.

I just smiled and said, “All things work together for my good because I love God and HE sho nuff loves me”  Even after doing all you can continue to stand and see the LORD show out on your behalf.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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