Watch yourself…..

Great day ALL!

So I get a text from my 12-year-old nephew saying “Hey you need something new for your blog?”  “Sure,” I replied “what you got for me?” He then says call me.  So I called and he went on to tell me what he has for my blog.

“Don’t look where you fall but where you slipped”.  Hmmm, I thought and then asked what does that statement mean to him.  He said for him it meant to focus on why he fell rather than his actual fall.  He went on to say that he can’t have the fall happen again so if he focuses on the slip then he can prevent falling.  I was too outdone and decided I would apply that African Proverb to my own life and also share it with you all today.

As the old saying goes “Watch your step!” but let me add something further if I may… Steady your pace, keep your balance, run your course but walk if running get to hard for in doing this you are preventing a great fall.  Don’t juggle so much you can’t keep your balance. AND don’t walk with your head down and miss the blessings in front of  you!

Thanks Kendall- I hope you enjoy the blog today (it’s all for you) Love ya!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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