Activate the sensor………..

God open the spiritual doors!

Have you noticed whenever you go to the grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart and so forth how the doors open before you reach the point of collision? The doors are designed with a sensor that knows what point you’ve reached and when to open. Fortunate for us that is exactly how God operates with us. When we go to God praying with urgency in FAITH (not hope) HIS sensor goes off and HE opens the spiritual doors. He hears you coming and prepares the way by going before you to activate the laws of making heaven on earth in your life.

However, when we’re disobedient to HIS guidance and commands we close the doors.  When we go to HIM with hope we close the doors. When you’re hoping it says to God you don’t trust HE is able to do what you’re praying or asking.  When you don’t trust how can you obey?

Faith is the key to unlock the doors and without faith it’s impossible to please God. Open the spiritual doors to your life and see what blessings are awaiting you!.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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