There’s an answer for you……

How many of you really believe in God, Creator, Higher Being, Knows It All, Universe…etc and whatever you choose to name your authority and guidance?  If you believe, then do you also believe your AUTHORITY has given you a gift? Do you believe that gift will make room for you in this life? Do you believe that you are powerful beyond your own limited belief?

Well here is my challenge today because I do believe God has given me a gift to interpret dreams, and to even dream dreams of past, present and future.  With that being said I know there is someone reading this blog at this very moment who has had a puzzling dream.  This dream has surfaced at least 3 times and you are desperately trying to find the meaning of it, but you’re blowing it off as nothing.  However, it is something because you continue to have this same dream.  There is a message for you! Trust me with your dream and trust GOD enough to give you the answers that you seek. It’s more than one person needing an answer to your dreams.

It’s not a nightmare – it’s a message.  Please take a chance on God. You’ve done all you can do, so what is there to lose? Get what you need today! I’m no psychic I just believe in HIS power!

If you don’t want anyone else to know then personally email me at I’m waiting on YOU!!! but God is waiting for you -)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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