I’ve seen my reality………


Wouldn’t life be great if we actually believed?

I know that’s a crazy way to start but I was just sitting here thinking or maybe I had a vision but either way it was great.  I visualized I’d bought some earrings and a dress came with it.  It wasn’t just a regular dress but something like a ballroom gown. It had sequence, diamonds, and  colors of gold and egg-shell white throughout it.  I paid for the earrings but before I could turn and walk away she said WAIT the dress comes with it.  I looked at her strangely but I accepted the beautiful gown. LOL!!!  I opened my eyes and began  thinking of how bogus that thought or vision was and realized I’d just talked myself right out of an action I just set forth in the universe of FAVOR!

It really is simple how FAITH works; Visualize what you’re hoping for, see it in your grasp, then act as if you have it and watch it manifest in your reality.

Now it takes more than just thinking of it.  If what you’re thinking or believing to happen requires research, work, determination, ambition, discipline, and staying focused then please do what it takes.  You MUST take a step in the direction of your dreams.

Now….wouldn’t life be GREAT if what you actually believed became your reality? I bet you would stop thinking negative right away =-)


Much Love,

Tracy B


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