A lovely day inspite of the chaos….

What a busy – busy day! I’

ve been running around all morning long and still not done with my day’s work.  I am constantly active but still steal a moment in time for prayer.  I even hum a tune or two.  I give thanks to my FATHER GOD for all things good bad or indifferent because I know HE’s in control of it all.  Some things I’ve pressured myself with but He still steals a moment in time to provide me brand new grace and mercy.

I’m so thankful that God is nothing like mankind for man would condemn what God has anointed!

Find time to Pause, Pray and Praise God for the wonderful FATHER HE is.  When you do that it sets and stamps the tone for the rest of your day.  Have a lovely day, weekend and holiday!!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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