WE cheated but he’s the unfaitful one!!!!!

You are what you attract!

I often hear women say, and have said myself, there aren’t any good men out here.  Then we would describe the type of men that we’d encounter. Either he’s a cheater, has no time, no conversation, manipulator, unemployed, needy, wanna be, jerk, liar, non committed, and the infamous word DOG! Trust me the list can go on and on!! LOL, but the truth is we want changes in the men we choose but are not willing to change the woman we present to these so-called no good men. There is something in you that attracts the likeness in them.  

Example… I was dealing with a guy who always debated everything I said. Having a beautiful conversation of the minds was never going to be the case. It was always a struggle. He also manipulated me with words and even had the audacity to cheat. LOL!!! I was pissed to say the least but when the light shined in my face I had to face the truth of the matter; I was the same just more sneaky with it. I never got caught but I told on myself. Who knows maybe he’s reading this blog!! I knew I didn’t want that type of man for the rest of my life so I broke all ties of a relationship and started making changes to myself. God is assisting me in getting my life, mind, body and soul RIGHT so when I’m presented to my life partner I have just as much to offer as I’m expecting from him.  My actions aren’t perfect YET but each day it gets sweeter.  😉

If you keep running into the same type of man then it’s only because you’re that same type of woman. You don’t need a book for guidance you need a mirror to reveal your truth!!!! Change begets change!!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


2 thoughts on “WE cheated but he’s the unfaitful one!!!!!

  1. Hart

    Wow, I was just having a conversation about this exact same topic with my neighbor earlier today. Basically the end result of the conversation was the same. If we keep ending up with dogs, cheaters, liars, gold diggers, and so on. Maybe it’s time we look at the choices we are making instead of blaming the other person. Most of the time we are blaming the other person for their faults when it was us that chose to have them in our lives. I recently came to the conclusion that, if I keep doing what I have always done, I will keep getting what I have always gotten. So now I am truely putting my destiny in my hands. With some help from my lord and savior ” Jesus Christ” I will have a different outcome this time.

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