Join me 4 a morning cup of inspiration. Have some…..


Today I challenge you to walk in freedom. Will you accept the challenge?

Here’s what I mean.  We are all imperfect in our actions (fact) but by our Creator’s standard we are all perfectly created (fact).  So if our Creator is calling us perfect (and He knows ALL things) then why do we constantly criticize the imperfections of our appearance and try desperately to change them for man’s approval? We try to perfect the outside by changing our eye color, injecting our lips, booty, face and any other parts that can be lifted to the sky.  We visit the plastic surgeon to rearrange, change and conceal. We try all kinds of anti aging regimens, creams, scrubs, meshes, whatever it is we will try it because we wish to perfect what we view as our imperfection.

It’s difficult to be free and walk in freedom when you have the wrong perception of perfection. It’s not in appearance but it’s in your actions, thinking, sayings, and living. You are not here to compare yourself  and be a copycat (even twins have differences). You were not created to walk with fake things, parts, silicone gels, and fix a flat inside of you; all in the name of being perfect in appearance for mankind! I believe you are wonderful, unique, and created just the way you were meant to be and that is PERFECT (fact).

How would you feel if something you created perfectly told you you’ve made a mistake and started making all kinds of changes? Hmmm… It’s time you walk without condemnation but correct perception. It’s time you salute your Creator for making such a wonderful masterpiece called YOU!

The outside is merely a shell (perfectly created) while the real you is on the inside waiting for you to take a deeper look and perfect. When your actions are of integrity, your speaking of wisdom, your thoughts are pure and your living is righteous then you will be whole, complete, and lacking nothing!!! A PERFECT INDIVIDUAL!

Today I’m inspired to walk in freedom and just be me with my perfect self!!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 Replies to “Join me 4 a morning cup of inspiration. Have some…..”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this today because it is something that I needed to hear. Since a recent situation, I have been self evaluating and criticizing myself a lot. But this message reminded me that I am a child of God and he made me perfectly. I need to focus less on the “wrong,” but believe that all of me is just right! Thanks again for your daily inspiration! Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

    1. Candace, I’m always elated to hear from you and even more to hear you’ve taken something from what I was led to write about. God is awesome and always on time. Please see yourself the way HE sees you and all else will fall into perfection. Much love 2 ya!-0)

  2. I love to read what you have to say. Sometimes it gets me to thinking and other times it gives me a better insight of who you are. You keep posting and I promise to keep reading.

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