Trick or treat…..

Even when it seems like ALL hope is lost, God still manages to work ALL things together for my good.  What a tremendously wonderful God I serve!!

Today I had testing for a new job paying more, better hours, and closer in distance.  I made certain to study hard, leave early, and pray even harder before taking my test.  Can you believe I failed terribly. LOL! I couldn’t believe either.

However, while I sat and waited for the results I began chatting with the secretary and made a friend.  So before I left she slipped me a sticky note full of info for a job lead.  I called the number as soon as I reached my car. The lady and I began chatting and she advised me she would like to interview me over the phone and get me the job ASAP. What was so awesome is the job she offered pays more than the one I tested for, better hours, and the distance is bearable.

I just smiled and said, “All things work together for my good because I love God and HE sho nuff loves me”  Even after doing all you can continue to stand and see the LORD show out on your behalf.

Much Love,

Tracy B


It’s my calling…..

There is a need that you have been called to fulfill in this life. 


Once you meet the need you will see the abundance of blessings overtake you.


Always remember your career is what you’re paid to do, but meeting the needs of others is what you’re called to do.


Much Love,

Tracy B

No more confusion…..

Bon jour and happy Monday to you all.

Today is a great day to rejoice in knowing that you are the ONLY you in this entire world.

There is none other like you which is indeed something special to celebrate.  Even with all your flaws, mistakes, beauty, beliefs, along with everything else that makes up the total package of you; God still loves you and allows the sun to shine and rain to fall upon you.  Now if God loves you why can’t you find it in your heart to love yourself?

It’s time out for NOT knowing or loving who you are, and time in for accepting all that you are and will ever be

Don’t worry about the naysayers, just BE you with your lovely self. You are precious in the sight of the Lord, such a beautiful flower!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just a reminder…..

Life is precious. Don’t take it for granted.

Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone you love them.  Never forget family is more important that work. Work hard, put play harder.  

God loves you and so do I. Enjoy your weekend my friends & cyber family!!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B

A blessing in disguise…..

It’s wonderful to be kind, in fact it is your duty in life.

I was told a story by one of my many African friends.  She told me of a millionaire in Maui Africa who dressed as a homeless person one day and went about asking for help.  He asked one woman if she would be so kind to buy him a meal.  The lady looked at his attire and turned her nose up and walked off.  He asked another and another but  the same thing happened.  He was under the impression that people are mean and don’t want to help. The under cover millionaire decided he would take one more shot at it before retiring home.  He came across a lady who appeared to not have as much as the others he’d asked prior but figured it was worth a shot.  He thought what’s there to lose.

“Excuse me, but I’m really hungry and would love a nice hot meal.”  The woman looked him up and down but agreed with much cheer to buy him a nice hot meal.  “Sure, I was just about to order me something.  We can sit and eat together if you don’t mind?” The man didn’t mind at all. In fact he was very flattered.  They ordered the food and had small talk while they ate.  Once the meal was over he asked the lady for her information.  She was apprehensive but assured the man she would see him again.  He was looking forward to it.

The next day the man showed up to the same spot dressed as the millionaire he is and saw the kind lady. He approached her and asked if there was anything she needed.  She was such a social butterfly and began to tell him about what she could do if she had a certain amount of money.  He laughed because she went on and on.  He finally wrote a check for more than what she said she could use.  She was puzzled and figured the check to be a fake.  The millionaire laughed and asked if she remembered him.  She looked deeply into his eyes and assured him she never met him before. He finally revealed he was the homeless guy she was kind too on yesterday and how he had millions on a quest to help  him whoever helped him.

She cried and thanked God for answering her prayers.  As it turned out she couldn’t afford to feed anybody and that was ALL she had left, but God supplied her need as she meet the need of someone else.

If you can meet the need please do it.  You never know who you are helping.  All who appear to be a certain way may very well be your breakthrough blessing. You have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Meet the need…….

Today is what they (whomever) call hump day!-) Well today has been slump day for me.  I’m so extremely tired and almost didn’t post but I have a designed purpose that is BIGGER than my exhaustion.

I will keep it short, sweet and simple.  

It’s not okay to walk pass a stranger who is in need and you have it to offer and not meet the need. When you turn your back on others EXPECT for others to turn their backs on you. 


Much Love,

Tracy B

Watch yourself…..

Great day ALL!

So I get a text from my 12-year-old nephew saying “Hey you need something new for your blog?”  “Sure,” I replied “what you got for me?” He then says call me.  So I called and he went on to tell me what he has for my blog.

“Don’t look where you fall but where you slipped”.  Hmmm, I thought and then asked what does that statement mean to him.  He said for him it meant to focus on why he fell rather than his actual fall.  He went on to say that he can’t have the fall happen again so if he focuses on the slip then he can prevent falling.  I was too outdone and decided I would apply that African Proverb to my own life and also share it with you all today.

As the old saying goes “Watch your step!” but let me add something further if I may… Steady your pace, keep your balance, run your course but walk if running get to hard for in doing this you are preventing a great fall.  Don’t juggle so much you can’t keep your balance. AND don’t walk with your head down and miss the blessings in front of  you!

Thanks Kendall- I hope you enjoy the blog today (it’s all for you) Love ya!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Activate the sensor………..

God open the spiritual doors!

Have you noticed whenever you go to the grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart and so forth how the doors open before you reach the point of collision? The doors are designed with a sensor that knows what point you’ve reached and when to open. Fortunate for us that is exactly how God operates with us. When we go to God praying with urgency in FAITH (not hope) HIS sensor goes off and HE opens the spiritual doors. He hears you coming and prepares the way by going before you to activate the laws of making heaven on earth in your life.

However, when we’re disobedient to HIS guidance and commands we close the doors.  When we go to HIM with hope we close the doors. When you’re hoping it says to God you don’t trust HE is able to do what you’re praying or asking.  When you don’t trust how can you obey?

Faith is the key to unlock the doors and without faith it’s impossible to please God. Open the spiritual doors to your life and see what blessings are awaiting you!.

Much Love,

Tracy B

There’s an answer for you……

How many of you really believe in God, Creator, Higher Being, Knows It All, Universe…etc and whatever you choose to name your authority and guidance?  If you believe, then do you also believe your AUTHORITY has given you a gift? Do you believe that gift will make room for you in this life? Do you believe that you are powerful beyond your own limited belief?

Well here is my challenge today because I do believe God has given me a gift to interpret dreams, and to even dream dreams of past, present and future.  With that being said I know there is someone reading this blog at this very moment who has had a puzzling dream.  This dream has surfaced at least 3 times and you are desperately trying to find the meaning of it, but you’re blowing it off as nothing.  However, it is something because you continue to have this same dream.  There is a message for you! Trust me with your dream and trust GOD enough to give you the answers that you seek. It’s more than one person needing an answer to your dreams.

It’s not a nightmare – it’s a message.  Please take a chance on God. You’ve done all you can do, so what is there to lose? Get what you need today! I’m no psychic I just believe in HIS power!

If you don’t want anyone else to know then personally email me at I’m waiting on YOU!!! but God is waiting for you -)

Much Love,

Tracy B

Love me for all my many pieces………..

Good day to all!!!

I’m sharing with you some of my many pieces. I don’t mind being transparent if you don’t mind loving me for who I am.


Take care of your life today and always, even with all the pieces your life has to offer.



Much Love,

Tracy B