Are you that good thing????……



Who can find a virtuous wife?

This woman knows her worth is precious and far above rubies.  Her husband safely trust her with his heart and secrets.  She only does good to him and shuns evil from his presence everyday of her life.  She arises every morning before day break to pray over her household while preparing the daily meals.  She works diligently with her hands to search for new avenues of prosperity and takes the risk that’ll leave an inheritance for her children as well as her children’s children.  She is indeed a woman of purpose!

 She has plenty of spiritual gifts that she freely shares with all who encounter her;  gifts of discernment, wisdom, and pure kindness.   She also gives her time and attention to the poor and needy without asking for a return.  Her husband’s friends and associates know her as the stylist who designs with strength, honor and integrity; using only the finest materials and colors of exquisite royalty.  She never tires from her daily task and has no time for idle chatter. Her husband is not ashamed nor disgraced for she is respected and loved everywhere she goes. Her children and husband recognizes her as blessed. Her husband praises her all day long and she allows the love and praises into her life with humility and gratitude.

Many women are beautiful, charming, rich but all of that can fade; however what she has is priceless and excels them all.  Her love and highest regard for God and their relationship has placed her in a position of favor with both God and man all the days of her life. 

So the man who finds a virtuous wife finds a good thing!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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