Just the little things….


Things are not the BEST in my life, but God and I made sure it’s not the worst either.  I say this because whenever I’m feeling down, or just about to throw in the towel and say forget it HE always provides a ram in the bush.  I was riding along Monday afternoon praying.  “God, you gotta do something quick.  I’m about to stop everything. I don’t want to stop, but with the way things are going I can’t continue.  What do I do?’  Then He spoke, “Don’t you need some gas in your car.  You should pull up at this QuikTrip and get some gas.  You’re right here by it.”  I figured that was weird but hey I will stop, but at the one closer to my home.  As I was about to roll pass the QuikTrip my phone rang which caused me to have to pull in and take the call. I started laughing at the thought God always gets what HE wants out of me.  I pulled up to the pump, got out still running my mouth on the phone and walked into my favorite artist.  He was standing right there holding the door for me.  I was so taken back I could only say “Hey, I know you!!” He smiled and stuck out his hand for me to shake as he introduced himself.  “Hi, I’m Tony Terry”.  By this time I forgot I was even on a call but felt I had to do something to remember this event so I told my caller I would continue the conversation later. 

Hey Tony Terry, would you mind taking a picture with me.” I said boldly, but politely.  “You got your wallet on you” he jokingly said as he made his way back to me.  He then asked a bystander to take our photo.  We shook hands again and he walked away.  I was truly in awe because I remember saying that I would meet this man one day and he would sing at my wedding. I didn’t want the song playing, I wanted him singing.  Well the first part came true, so I laughed knowing that there will soon be a wedding.  I’m just in awe of God’s timing and comedy.  He has a way to make the sun shine my way in the midst of my darkest hour.

Thanks Mr. Tony Terry for being such a wonderful gentlemen and humble servant of God.  I really want you to sing at my wedding. I don’t know when but meeting you was the beginning of what God is doing later!!!

It’s the little things that God does to grab your attention BIG time!!!

Much Love,
Tracy B


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