Stop running the race…..

I’m running a mile a minute and passing life by.  I’m trying to slow down to catch my breath but I can’t stop because my pace is too swift.  My legs are too strong to stop at a moments notice so I’ll just keep running.  Then I heard Him say

Who and what are you running from?  Where are you running too? There’s no prize at the finish line.  The race is simply over.  Take your time and rest a while, you have to endure this.  Smell the roses, lay in the green pastures and have your soul restored.  Once you make it to the finish line it will be finished. Is that what you want? You haven’t even accomplished the very thing I’ve set out for you to do. I know when the race started and I know when it will end.  You must simply endure!!!!

Whatever race you’re running STOP!  Take time to enjoy life!. You must endure the race, no reason to run when you’re not the time keeper.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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