Just a dream…..


When I tell you I’m a dreamer believe me when I say it.

I’ve dreamed every night for the past week.  Some of the dreams have been crazy; from me standing in between two tall buildings leaping back and forth while singing, clouds of fire coming down and burning people but I had to drive through it with a miracle baby in the passenger seat, riding in an SUV with my mom driving around with bags of money, and folk coming after me to cause me harm.  However, one person stayed consistent throughout each dream and saved my life or provided me comfort each time. Let’s just call him my knight in shining armor.

I remember waking up in emotional turmoil of confusion, refreshing, perplexing, anxiousness to finally  just praying for understanding of it all.  This last dream I tried helping someone, offering prayer, being kind but they hated me for it.  They even came within the vicinity of my home to confront me about it.  I was confused. I only wanted to help but because they brought reinforcement I feared for my life. I’ve never been the type to back down from a fight but  I felt a strong urgency to walk away and get into my home of safety.  In front of me was a HUGE white sign with black and red letters with words I can’t remember, but there was one thing I recall very clearly.  Once I made it in my house I reached for a knife for protection. I looked out my living room window and saw my mother riding on a bus, preparing to get off at the next stop so her back was turned to me but she screamed “PAY ATTENTION”. Once I heard her words I instantly felt safe. I was no longer afraid for I knew her next stop would be to help me. I waited for her to get off the bus so I could ask what exactly should I pay attention to but she stood still with her back turned and said with urgency again PAY ATTENTION.  Just as I was going to ask what she was talking about I was awakened by a text message.   

I always tell my children of my dreams and they always ask what did I eat before going to bed. LOL! but this time they listened and even told me they had some weird dreams as well involving my mother who is deceased.  I’m not sure what it all means, but I am certain I will pay attention.

When God gives you a dream please PAY ATTENTION to the signs and wonders of what is being revealed to you.  Mine may be something sweet and simple or it could be my biggest breakthrough yet but it’s all a message. Don’t sweep it under the rug and call it *just a dream* after all everything starts with *just a dream*

Much Love,

Tracy B


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