Goodbye season……Hello destiny!!!


It’s Friday and I pray everyone has had an excellent week thus far.  I have learned so much in a matter of 5 days; from dreams, to visions, revelations and having a great friend to talk to about all of it.  It is so good to have someone you can open up with and not face the look of disgust, the seat of scorn and the wrath of judgement.  It’s shameful it’s not even family I can turn too.

I’ve learned friends can often be like the family you wish you had-LOL! I know it’s just me but I don’t mind speakingup4me as usual. If you don’t have anyone like that I encourage you to become someone like that.  You have to be a friend before you can make a friend.

My mom always told me folk will treat you in the manner you treat them, so if you always have a problem with haters check the mirror and make sure you are not hating on others. And all you call your friend may not be designed for the long haul.

It took a minute for me to learn this lesson but it changed my life for the better.  I still run into seasonal friends (we all do) and you will KNOW them by their actions, but I don’t get mad when they walk away anymore.  I open up my arms for the next one God is sending.

Whenever something ends shake the dust off your feet, open your arms and give God the biggest hug ever because someone & something brand new is coming your way & it’s designed to your destiny!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 thoughts on “Goodbye season……Hello destiny!!!

    • speakingup4me

      Thank you so much for that comment. God is awesome and what HE teaches me I don’t mind sharing because I know it will reach at least one (me) and when someone else is affected I’m even more excited. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend. Much love 2 ya

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