I control this…..

I’m in my cleaning mode right now.  

Rather it’s cleaning my home or my life it’s cleaning time.  Everything bad must GO!!! so that all good may ENTER and stay for as long as I desire.

We have control over our actions.  We have control over our happiness. We have control over our emotions and we have control over what/who stays or go.  Get the BIG picture, frame it and place it in a spot where you will always see it.

Keep in mind you control this, don’t give your control over to others! Who knows what they would do if they had your power….

Control your God-given destiny!!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Never Too Much…..

I remember sitting at home cleaning on a Saturday with this song blaring throughout the house.  It was good times, great music, extraordinary company, and lots of dancing.  It’s never too much love!!!!  Do mea great favor and share your favorite spring, winter, fall or summer cleaning song with me.  I would love to hear what gets you motivated to clean the mess and allow the miracle!-)


Much Love,

Tracy B

Power in belief……

There is power in belief!

I believed with all my being that God would move late in the midnight hour and of course HE did just what I asked.

I feel asleep sometime after midnight and went into various of dreams. One in particular stuck out.  I dreamt my mother came to advise me that she had all her things in one place and someone kicked in the door and stole her belongings.  She spoke of how she just placed everything in bags and was going to come back and grab them but some thief stole it. This statement reminded me of the enemy’s job.  He wishes to kill, STEAL, and destroy. The fact that he stole from my mother alarmed me because she is not on earth to have earthly possessions stolen.  So what could he possibly steal?  I awoke after that thought and looked over at the time- 5:19am.  I looked around the room, realized I’d fallen asleep with the light on and my body over the open bible;  which the title was Absalom’s Treason (2 Samuel 15).  Hmm, I pondered. I read it and discovered how Absalom (son of David) stole the heart of the people with charm and manipulation but because God was with David the warning came and David was able to flee before destruction overcame him.

I climbed out of bed and got down on my knees to pray.  I first prayed in tongues I could understand but then was advised to pray in the spirit. I called out names as they entered into my head and heart. I wanted to fall asleep but I had to stay right there until I was told to move. When that time came I feel fast asleep and dreamed again. This time I was sitting before a jury. They questioned my daughter, my son and all who knew me and the situation. I felt I needed to speak. Once I did the atmosphere changed. I was asked “What do you want as the verdict?’ I responded with a simple “forgiveness”. They gave me a piece of paper that I read aloud in my mind ALL IS FORGIVEN! I began weeping loudly. Hot tears rolled down my face and I could not stop crying. I looked towards the heavens and thanked God over and over again. He spoke “Go and sin no more! Your past has been evicted from you. Walk in the newness I’ve given you. Don’t look for that same sin to come upon you for it NO LONGER EXIST!” 

I woke up crying (moaning) for God has heard and answered me.  

There is truly power in belief.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just for you…..


When you do the work God does HIS part.

I’m always excited about the move of my Father God.  He operates in mystery, supernatural ways, and amazement. HIS favor is astonishing to those who wish to walk in obedience. HIS love is there for embracing to those with open arms.  HIS mercy is brand new daily for those who wish to live in abundance and overflow.

Today is a great day to receive ALL HE has for you. It’s too much to contain and keep for yourself.  You must open your hands to receive and keep them open to freely give to others what was given to you.  What better way to recycle!!!

Get ready for tomorrow.  There is something special coming your way.  It’s in the making right now and around midnight you will see, feel, and hear the blessing.

It’s specially designed JUST FOR YOU!!  Get ready for your breakthrough!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Are you that good thing????……



Who can find a virtuous wife?

This woman knows her worth is precious and far above rubies.  Her husband safely trust her with his heart and secrets.  She only does good to him and shuns evil from his presence everyday of her life.  She arises every morning before day break to pray over her household while preparing the daily meals.  She works diligently with her hands to search for new avenues of prosperity and takes the risk that’ll leave an inheritance for her children as well as her children’s children.  She is indeed a woman of purpose!

 She has plenty of spiritual gifts that she freely shares with all who encounter her;  gifts of discernment, wisdom, and pure kindness.   She also gives her time and attention to the poor and needy without asking for a return.  Her husband’s friends and associates know her as the stylist who designs with strength, honor and integrity; using only the finest materials and colors of exquisite royalty.  She never tires from her daily task and has no time for idle chatter. Her husband is not ashamed nor disgraced for she is respected and loved everywhere she goes. Her children and husband recognizes her as blessed. Her husband praises her all day long and she allows the love and praises into her life with humility and gratitude.

Many women are beautiful, charming, rich but all of that can fade; however what she has is priceless and excels them all.  Her love and highest regard for God and their relationship has placed her in a position of favor with both God and man all the days of her life. 

So the man who finds a virtuous wife finds a good thing!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just the little things….


Things are not the BEST in my life, but God and I made sure it’s not the worst either.  I say this because whenever I’m feeling down, or just about to throw in the towel and say forget it HE always provides a ram in the bush.  I was riding along Monday afternoon praying.  “God, you gotta do something quick.  I’m about to stop everything. I don’t want to stop, but with the way things are going I can’t continue.  What do I do?’  Then He spoke, “Don’t you need some gas in your car.  You should pull up at this QuikTrip and get some gas.  You’re right here by it.”  I figured that was weird but hey I will stop, but at the one closer to my home.  As I was about to roll pass the QuikTrip my phone rang which caused me to have to pull in and take the call. I started laughing at the thought God always gets what HE wants out of me.  I pulled up to the pump, got out still running my mouth on the phone and walked into my favorite artist.  He was standing right there holding the door for me.  I was so taken back I could only say “Hey, I know you!!” He smiled and stuck out his hand for me to shake as he introduced himself.  “Hi, I’m Tony Terry”.  By this time I forgot I was even on a call but felt I had to do something to remember this event so I told my caller I would continue the conversation later. 

Hey Tony Terry, would you mind taking a picture with me.” I said boldly, but politely.  “You got your wallet on you” he jokingly said as he made his way back to me.  He then asked a bystander to take our photo.  We shook hands again and he walked away.  I was truly in awe because I remember saying that I would meet this man one day and he would sing at my wedding. I didn’t want the song playing, I wanted him singing.  Well the first part came true, so I laughed knowing that there will soon be a wedding.  I’m just in awe of God’s timing and comedy.  He has a way to make the sun shine my way in the midst of my darkest hour.

Thanks Mr. Tony Terry for being such a wonderful gentlemen and humble servant of God.  I really want you to sing at my wedding. I don’t know when but meeting you was the beginning of what God is doing later!!!

It’s the little things that God does to grab your attention BIG time!!!

Much Love,
Tracy B

I remember….

Sometimes I just need to sing God a song!

He’s been nothing but sweet to me. I remember the first time we met.  It was many moons ago but it still feels like the first time…. Ahhh I remember…



Much Love,

Tracy B

The cross-road of truth


Let the words of my mouth please you.  Let the meditation of my heart comfort you.  Allow your glory to manifest and reveal itself to and through your people. Many of us stand at the cross-roads of life and to many it doesn’t matter what that cross-road may be, but the fact still remains it’s a cross-road and we’re still standing.  Now I have my days of wishing to fall but my assigned angels are on the job keeping my feet from slipping.  The days I get exhausted from standing and want to pass out are also the days in which you desire to carry me to the next cross-road.  Now I have a problem with that. I wish to be carried to VICTORY not another test. Does it get any better? Will I have even a moment to rest in peace and harmony while here on this earth? How long is this cross-road?  Do I get a chance to stop walking the cross-road and enter the land of victory?

The room became silent  “God, you can hear me. You can speak. I’m paying attention. I’m listening.”

More silence then finally He spoke…

“You shall have what you say. When will you believe the truth and power of that statement. You can be off the cross-road and in victory once you say it, believe it, and walk in it. This time of turmoil is solely based on what you thought, said, and acted upon and you have the nerve to ask me when.  I’m waiting on you! Day in, day out, constantly being double minded. Your words MUST line up with my words.  Your actions MUST line up with my words.  Your heart MUST beat to my drum and line up with my words. Yeah I said it!! I’m in control of me Tracy but who’s in control in your life? Is it your thoughts, actions, or the words of your mouth? Now you’re silent. (laughter) I’m waiting on you!”

Food for thought: You’re thinking, speaking and acting out your reality. DO SOMETHING different, like saying what you want and not settling for anything less than what you said!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Stop running the race…..

I’m running a mile a minute and passing life by.  I’m trying to slow down to catch my breath but I can’t stop because my pace is too swift.  My legs are too strong to stop at a moments notice so I’ll just keep running.  Then I heard Him say

Who and what are you running from?  Where are you running too? There’s no prize at the finish line.  The race is simply over.  Take your time and rest a while, you have to endure this.  Smell the roses, lay in the green pastures and have your soul restored.  Once you make it to the finish line it will be finished. Is that what you want? You haven’t even accomplished the very thing I’ve set out for you to do. I know when the race started and I know when it will end.  You must simply endure!!!!

Whatever race you’re running STOP!  Take time to enjoy life!. You must endure the race, no reason to run when you’re not the time keeper.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just a dream…..


When I tell you I’m a dreamer believe me when I say it.

I’ve dreamed every night for the past week.  Some of the dreams have been crazy; from me standing in between two tall buildings leaping back and forth while singing, clouds of fire coming down and burning people but I had to drive through it with a miracle baby in the passenger seat, riding in an SUV with my mom driving around with bags of money, and folk coming after me to cause me harm.  However, one person stayed consistent throughout each dream and saved my life or provided me comfort each time. Let’s just call him my knight in shining armor.

I remember waking up in emotional turmoil of confusion, refreshing, perplexing, anxiousness to finally  just praying for understanding of it all.  This last dream I tried helping someone, offering prayer, being kind but they hated me for it.  They even came within the vicinity of my home to confront me about it.  I was confused. I only wanted to help but because they brought reinforcement I feared for my life. I’ve never been the type to back down from a fight but  I felt a strong urgency to walk away and get into my home of safety.  In front of me was a HUGE white sign with black and red letters with words I can’t remember, but there was one thing I recall very clearly.  Once I made it in my house I reached for a knife for protection. I looked out my living room window and saw my mother riding on a bus, preparing to get off at the next stop so her back was turned to me but she screamed “PAY ATTENTION”. Once I heard her words I instantly felt safe. I was no longer afraid for I knew her next stop would be to help me. I waited for her to get off the bus so I could ask what exactly should I pay attention to but she stood still with her back turned and said with urgency again PAY ATTENTION.  Just as I was going to ask what she was talking about I was awakened by a text message.   

I always tell my children of my dreams and they always ask what did I eat before going to bed. LOL! but this time they listened and even told me they had some weird dreams as well involving my mother who is deceased.  I’m not sure what it all means, but I am certain I will pay attention.

When God gives you a dream please PAY ATTENTION to the signs and wonders of what is being revealed to you.  Mine may be something sweet and simple or it could be my biggest breakthrough yet but it’s all a message. Don’t sweep it under the rug and call it *just a dream* after all everything starts with *just a dream*

Much Love,

Tracy B