It aint about you…..

With so much going on I barely had time to post today.  It’s not that I’ve forgotten about all of you, but that I’m trying to take care of me.  However in taking care of me and meeting my needs means that I need to look out for others and meet their needs as well.  So here it goes…..

Don’t worry about self-preservation, in doing so you find yourself  alone in the end.  

We have become a world of what’s in it for me ONLY.  That’s a sad space to be in. I’m not telling you what I heard but what I know.  I use to be this person.  I was all about me.  I didn’t make a move until I knew I would benefit some kind of way.  BUT GOD! It takes God to reveal the flaws or errors of our ways, but we have to be willing to be corrected.  I thought I was a people person until people tested me.  I thought I loved all until hate showed its face.  I thought I was right until God proved me wrong. I’m saying all of this to say even when there’s nothing gained from giving your all, loving when you are hated, or simply doing what is right when you can get away with wrong, do it anyhow.  You’re being watched by God at all times and HE will give you your REWARD!

Take time to be there for someone else and watch how God is there for you!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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