Children can be great teachers……

Happy Friday my beautiful people.  I hope you’re enjoying this lovely day the Lord has made. Regardless to life’s knock downs, set-backs, trials and tribulations you MUST commit to giving God praise and thanks for it all.

My children are the light of my life and I enjoy conversing with them, testing their minds, seeing where their heads are at and how much wisdom and enlightenment they have to offer.  In doing this on a constant basis I learned it  also teaches me. It amazes me how the next generation think.  They way they see life is beyond me.  The glass is not half empty or full it just is. LOL

Example…  (Me) It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby. You can do this! (Daughter) Mom, you must have never tried taking candy from a baby.  (Me) Well no I wouldn’t take candy from a baby. (Her) Well I tried it and it’s not easy at all, baby’s are strong! (Me) OMGosh you are too much.  (Son) Don’t get so caught up with the cliché’s of life. Some things you will have to experience for yourself. You can’t just say or do what every one else does that will make you ignorant at some point.  Don’t judge, don’t talk while others talk, don’t think you know it all, just listen sometimes, matter of fact listen all the time Momma.  (Me) Did you just call me ignorant.  (Son) See, you don’t listen. Ugh!!! (Me) I’m done talking now.  (Son) Finally you’re listening. (Me) Whatever!

At some point children will become adults and will teach, but we wont listen because we see them as children.  However, think back to when you were a child. What did you want most from your parents?

When I’m thankful even for the bad God some kind of way makes my frown become a wonderful smile.  Have a wonderful weekend! Hope I’ve made someone smile!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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