Yes is all I need…..

I had to revisit an old blog to help me remember this NEW day what God is trying to tell me.  Hope you enjoy it!

There is a YES in your future!

After you prayed about it, fasted, cried out, believed hard, trusted with everything in you, got in God’s presence, went out in faith and still heard NO; I can understand giving up. It can get a bit discouraging. You can get a bit frustrated and become conditioned in your mind to think it’s never going to happen. I know I have had my shares of setbacks and delayed disappointments but thru it all I continue to press forward because I believe there is someone willing to say YES. (And besides, I hate hearing no! Ugh I despise it)

After years of living I realized that all of these things last for a season.  Some days it seems like everything is going right. I can’t go wrong, nothing can stop me, it’s just smiles all the time. Then there are those days when it seems nothing goes right, everyone is mean, and I want to curl up in the corner to cry and hide from all my troubles and all the NO’s. It seems like a never-ending cycle. Good day, bad day, yes day, no day, happy day, sad day, a constant roller coaster.  I know this is not what God has designed for HIS children, but it is something that we have to go thru and master for ourselves. That is why the word of God says to pull down the strongholds=a conditioned state of mind believing that things will always be a certain way (usually negative). You simply have to check your thoughts and change it FIRST in your mind and create the future you desire.

Hearing no does not mean you’ve failed. It’s simply a way of showing you different ways of how that particular idea didn’t work. Learn to be positive in ALL things and thank God for ALL things. Nothing is really failure when you look at it that way.

You can’t get stuck in the NO when you know YES is in your future. Keep going no matter how old you are, how many people said it wont work, how many doors closed, or friends who walked away. God has a FINAL YES and it will be right on time! YES you will see the desires of your heart manifest before your eyes.

Here’s a thought:

If you knew you had to go thru a thousand NO’s before you hear the RIGHT YES I bet you would run to get the NO’s over with. You may be one NO away from the big YES. Keep pressing!!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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