Don’t run just hold on………

What can I say? Life has not played by MY rules. I understand life happens to us all and we can either fight or take flight. I must admit I want to take flight, run for the hills and hide   until the storm passes but God says to stand still.  It sounds easy to do but it’s hard for me to pursue.

Running is easier than waiting on God to do something to make life a little easier, bearable, and worth living and I can stay fit all at the same time (LOL)! However that’s always been my route of escape and that’s no longer working for me. I have to stay and face my fears, fight this battle, and really trust God in the midst of it all.

How can I trust in someone I can’t see? How can I believe in someone or something that’s not tangible? How can I walk by faith and not by sight?

The answer is simple;  I see God in you. Since God works through man He is very much tangible.  By trial and error I’ve learned to work my faith by seeing it in my mind 1st & working toward it for me to see naturally.  I don’t need to run, I need to rest in Him!

Whatever you see spiritually you can have earthly. Think positive when you’re under pressure and watch your brilliant possibility unfold.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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