Twitter Wars (Basketball Wives….)

I usually don’t get into things like this but the Evelyn and Chad Johnson story has really taken flight.  I’m on twitter (follow @CafeJ2K) and I’ve seen some comments that amazed me. If you don’t know the story here it is …. Chad allegedly head-butted Evelyn during an altercation because she allegedly found a receipt for condoms.  This couple has been married for 1 month and was due to have their love affair air on VH1 Sept 3rd.

The show has been pulled because of this fight and Chad (OchoCinco) was released from the Dolphins Team. Twitter is now on fire with the trending topic of #KnotMyFault and Eric Williams is the main character.  I must admit I laughed at some of his comments because I know where he’s coming from.  His life with his ex-was was aired for us all to view and offer opinions and Evelyn was the main one commenting. Now he feels he has a say in the matter because karma has knocked at Evelyn’s front door. 

It’s sad the victim of crimes (domestic abuse) are now being called liars, hypocrites, pathetic, phony, and all other names but none of us are praying the violence stops. I haven’t walked in those shoes nor do I wish too so my question was to them and to all who have something to say….

What would you do? Think hard before answering because judgement plays a huge part in this.




Much Love,

Tracy B


6 Replies to “Twitter Wars (Basketball Wives….)”

  1. KARMA is real! The bully got bullied, she was just in STL for our Black Expo acting stank and grand at the same damn time. Now he got fired and they lost their beloved show… the same damn time…. NO BETTER for them…

  2. I hope they both learn from this incident. Opportunities show up all the time but when they do they don’t have to happen for you. When it falls on you, be thankful and showing your appreciation by taking advantage of it by doing the right things.

    1. When their lives are so public it’s rather hard for them to work things out in a peaceful manner. So many people are in their business & suggesting what they should or shouldn’t do. I suggest they seek spiritual counseling and allow God to work things out!!! Thanks for commenting my dear! Enjoy your day… Much love 2 ya

  3. I don’t support domestic violence in ANY WAY….but it’s hard to feel sorry for Evelyn the Bully on this one! Wow @Eric… how old are we? I can say this, Eric was married to Ev’s best friend..he knows her better than we do. *insider secrets filled with hate* #stillsad

    1. I understand fully where you’re coming from. Evelyn, Jen, Shaunie, and you can’t forget Tami were all bullies on the show & karma will knock at the door of each, but when it does it’s not for us to gloat. God says HE will remove His wrath & turn it on us. I don’t need extra struggle so I just pray & keep it moving. Eric is on a mission but he feels like she deserves this!! LOL- It’s a sad situation for real but it’s their issue to work out. I just pray they keep God is the mix of it all! Thanks for commenting- Much love 2 ya

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