Almost there…..

When you’re “almost there” is when things seem to get the worst.

It amazes me how when I’m closet to my destination the crazier my life gets.  Everything that can hurt, will hurt.  Everything that can walk away, will walk. Everything that can fade, will fade.  That thing that hit you didn’t hit you because you weren’t close.  It hit because you are “almost there.”

My almost there never told me I would have to dig graves along the way, have family disown me, have friends walk away, have lovers now hating, lives dangling in freedom or restraint, and a faithful mind now contemplating.  My almost there came with no warning, just confusing and chaos on every hand.

One thing I had to realize and we must realize is that thing that hit us didn’t hit because we are far off, but because we are almost there. The devil aint attacking because you’re off course; he’s attacking to knock you out of position for promotion.  Nothing that happens to us in life is a surprise to God; it’s ordained.  Knowing  that God is on our side should be all the motivation we need to stay the course.

Keep going! You’re closer than you think. Your test is the best testimony you’ll give!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B



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