Uncomfortable blessings…..

It’s been an eventful year so far I must say, but these last few months since May has been crazy.  It all started when I went back to my hometown to visit. Once I crossed the state lines I felt disconnected from reality.  I tried shaking it off, praying it away, and singing a new song to rid the horrid feeling I had but nothing seemed to work.  I’d just finished reading the book *The Secret* and felt I needed to stay positive no matter what so I pressed on anyhow.

Once I got to my destination the disconnect felt even greater but I smiled in agony of the pain I felt.  I forced myself to feel better, keep pushing, but the disconnection felt even greater. Then the inevitable happened, what I felt had become my reality. I was finally disconnected. Friends turned away and treated my visit nonchalantly, family closed the doors, and comfort became uncomfortable.  I was angry because my peace was disturbed, my happy was miserable and my zen was shaken to the core.

I asked God why the disconnect.  HE answered “Why not? I’m only answering your prayers.” I questioned “What prayer was that exactly? I don’t remember praying for You to remove my comfort.”  He answered “You asked me to change you and that entitles changing your surroundings. No worries, for ALL things are working for your good. I mean you no evil only BLESSINGS!”

When all you know becomes unfamiliar and your world seems to be spinning out of control GET HAPPY because God is answering your prayers! Trust Him completely to remove all the clutter so He can add all the blessings.

Much Love,

Tracy B


Supporting a dream…..

It’s good to sow seeds into someone’s dream for in doing so you will reap a great harvest. Remember what you make happen for others God will make happen for you.

Today is the LAST day you can vote & each vote counts.

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It only takes a minute of your time to give someone an opportunity of a lifetime.

Spread the word!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It aint about you…..

With so much going on I barely had time to post today.  It’s not that I’ve forgotten about all of you, but that I’m trying to take care of me.  However in taking care of me and meeting my needs means that I need to look out for others and meet their needs as well.  So here it goes…..

Don’t worry about self-preservation, in doing so you find yourself  alone in the end.  

We have become a world of what’s in it for me ONLY.  That’s a sad space to be in. I’m not telling you what I heard but what I know.  I use to be this person.  I was all about me.  I didn’t make a move until I knew I would benefit some kind of way.  BUT GOD! It takes God to reveal the flaws or errors of our ways, but we have to be willing to be corrected.  I thought I was a people person until people tested me.  I thought I loved all until hate showed its face.  I thought I was right until God proved me wrong. I’m saying all of this to say even when there’s nothing gained from giving your all, loving when you are hated, or simply doing what is right when you can get away with wrong, do it anyhow.  You’re being watched by God at all times and HE will give you your REWARD!

Take time to be there for someone else and watch how God is there for you!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’m speaking in-spite of …..

When life gets hard you have to grab hold.

It may involve things like forgiving someone, being uncomfortable, putting up with what you don’t want too, letting go of pride, or just asking God for help. Or it could be something as simple as praying for guidance through the hard times.  Whatever you have to do to push pass the hard times DO IT with a fierce grip. After all, your life depends on it!!

Let the winds blow, the rains fall, friends walk away, the money end and I will still SPEAK WORDS of praise and God’s promise.  Tell your storm today to MOVE- it has to obey!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Understand the words of your mouth…..

Flesh + Flesh = Mess

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. The Word became flesh.

I’ve read this scripture multiple times but today it makes perfect sense.  Why is that you ask? Well I will gladly tell you.  It’s because on this day God has given me revelation. God does everything with WORDS and He created us to be just like Him.  Our words have power.  Isn’t it something that the Bible constantly speaks of the power of life and death being in the tongue (your words). But even if you speak words and have no revelation it’s just empty words.  You need revelation to get your miracle.  You need a relationship to get your revelation.

As I sat in church yesterday God began speaking to me.   I was amazed because our relationship was back burner to me because I’d allowed my circumstances and situations of life to affect my prayer life.  But because we serve such a merciful God who loves and forgives He still provided me insight on some things He wants to share with you.  You must change your perception and not see me as just a blogger but a servant sent from God to give you a message.  Don’t get caught up on who I am, but more so wrapped up in who He is.

Today God wants you to know you’re built for more! You’re bigger than you think and stronger than what you can see.  You’re here on this earth to be blessed.  You’re the first of your kind and the generational curse ends with you. You’re being brought out of debt into abundance but it’s not because of who you know, but because of who you are. You’re more than a conqueror. Allow the words you speak to get mixed with your faith.  It starts with an act in your heart=a mindset=an action which equals keys to unlock the future you keep dreaming about. Your miracle is front of you but you can’t see it without revelation, relationship, and faith in your Words. It can happen, it will happen, it must happen!! Start believing!!!

I’m writing the blog because Words have power and this is an active way to exercise my faith! I thank God for the revelation because NOW I have POWER! Let the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you my Father God.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Children can be great teachers……

Happy Friday my beautiful people.  I hope you’re enjoying this lovely day the Lord has made. Regardless to life’s knock downs, set-backs, trials and tribulations you MUST commit to giving God praise and thanks for it all.

My children are the light of my life and I enjoy conversing with them, testing their minds, seeing where their heads are at and how much wisdom and enlightenment they have to offer.  In doing this on a constant basis I learned it  also teaches me. It amazes me how the next generation think.  They way they see life is beyond me.  The glass is not half empty or full it just is. LOL

Example…  (Me) It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby. You can do this! (Daughter) Mom, you must have never tried taking candy from a baby.  (Me) Well no I wouldn’t take candy from a baby. (Her) Well I tried it and it’s not easy at all, baby’s are strong! (Me) OMGosh you are too much.  (Son) Don’t get so caught up with the cliché’s of life. Some things you will have to experience for yourself. You can’t just say or do what every one else does that will make you ignorant at some point.  Don’t judge, don’t talk while others talk, don’t think you know it all, just listen sometimes, matter of fact listen all the time Momma.  (Me) Did you just call me ignorant.  (Son) See, you don’t listen. Ugh!!! (Me) I’m done talking now.  (Son) Finally you’re listening. (Me) Whatever!

At some point children will become adults and will teach, but we wont listen because we see them as children.  However, think back to when you were a child. What did you want most from your parents?

When I’m thankful even for the bad God some kind of way makes my frown become a wonderful smile.  Have a wonderful weekend! Hope I’ve made someone smile!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B

No where to hide…..

I don’t even feel like blogging today but I have to keep my word to God. I feel He led me to start it and I will not disappoint Him with my rollercoaster of emotions. I really want to curl up in a corner and sleep until my personal storm passes.  Or better yet, get in my car and ride south until I run out of gas and where ever that is, is where I will stay.  I just don’t want to deal with any more issues, any more drama, any more bills, any more love or lack of love, I just don’t!!!!!  It’s just one of them days.  I’m not suicidal at all, I want to live but I want to live in peace, harmony-STRESS FREE.  That almost sounds like a fairy-tale life.

This is one of the days I have to really place all my trust in God, all my faith in His power, all my weakness in His strength.  It’s easier to type than fulfill but I refuse to give victory to defeat. I have to praise my way out of this storm. I have to keep my head, heart, and hands lifted. I have to stay connected to the promise or I will perish in pain. It’s turmoil after turmoil, storm after storm, issue after issue and that all produces DRAMA. Ugh, I say enough already but it seems God is saying not yet. I’m not going to ask what more because I can’t take anymore so I’ll just ask what’s next for me to overcome.

Life is throwing me bricks so I’ll make some stepping-stones to climb higher.  Life is throwing lemons so I’ll get some sugar and make lemonade.  Life is throwing me a curve ball so I’ll stand at the batting cage and hit a home-run.

It’s only temporary I know it’ll get better but I just had to vent to y’all.

Much Love,

Tracy B


Yes is all I need…..

I had to revisit an old blog to help me remember this NEW day what God is trying to tell me.  Hope you enjoy it!

There is a YES in your future!

After you prayed about it, fasted, cried out, believed hard, trusted with everything in you, got in God’s presence, went out in faith and still heard NO; I can understand giving up. It can get a bit discouraging. You can get a bit frustrated and become conditioned in your mind to think it’s never going to happen. I know I have had my shares of setbacks and delayed disappointments but thru it all I continue to press forward because I believe there is someone willing to say YES. (And besides, I hate hearing no! Ugh I despise it)

After years of living I realized that all of these things last for a season.  Some days it seems like everything is going right. I can’t go wrong, nothing can stop me, it’s just smiles all the time. Then there are those days when it seems nothing goes right, everyone is mean, and I want to curl up in the corner to cry and hide from all my troubles and all the NO’s. It seems like a never-ending cycle. Good day, bad day, yes day, no day, happy day, sad day, a constant roller coaster.  I know this is not what God has designed for HIS children, but it is something that we have to go thru and master for ourselves. That is why the word of God says to pull down the strongholds=a conditioned state of mind believing that things will always be a certain way (usually negative). You simply have to check your thoughts and change it FIRST in your mind and create the future you desire.

Hearing no does not mean you’ve failed. It’s simply a way of showing you different ways of how that particular idea didn’t work. Learn to be positive in ALL things and thank God for ALL things. Nothing is really failure when you look at it that way.

You can’t get stuck in the NO when you know YES is in your future. Keep going no matter how old you are, how many people said it wont work, how many doors closed, or friends who walked away. God has a FINAL YES and it will be right on time! YES you will see the desires of your heart manifest before your eyes.

Here’s a thought:

If you knew you had to go thru a thousand NO’s before you hear the RIGHT YES I bet you would run to get the NO’s over with. You may be one NO away from the big YES. Keep pressing!!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Is it love or lust? (Mimi, Joseline, Stevie J)

Yes I must confess I’m a reality tv junkie.  I absolutely love to see people lives unfold on tv and listen to others opinions on what they would or wouldn’t do.  The main one that sticks out to me is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  There’s this triangle love affair going on that involves Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez & Mimi Faust.  It’s the topic of discussion on every social networking site after the show airs and sometimes during the show.

Stevie J says that he is God and his women are never going anywhere. He says they will put up with his madness, get along, allow him to share his love with other women, and better not complain or else he will replace them with someone else.  Wow!! He has some nerve right? You should see all the comments calling the women stupid, how they wouldn’t let him do this or that, how they will never put up with such mess and will end things quick if he even thinks of treating them any other way besides like the queens they are. Wow!! They have some nerve right? LOL

I say this because judgement and conviction was placed on these women only because their dirt is played out on tv for us to watch and offer our opinion of the matter.  I don’t think the women are stupid more than I think they believe their in love. They actually think that they could be the one to change him of his horrible ways. They believe he loves them but just having a hard time expressing it. They are no different from you or me.  Now before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about answer the following questions with the truth

Have you ever been cheated on? Did you take the man/woman back and they did it again? Have you ever been lied to and it destroyed your trust? Have you ever believed your love could change the heart/mind of another? Have you ever said you’ve invested too much time to allow the next person to reap all the benefits?

If you answered yes to even 1 question then you have no room to judge. If you  have never experienced any of the following then keep on living because it’s going to happen in your lifetime.  Lust makes us all blind at some point, but it also makes us realize LOVE was never part of the equation.

God tells us the real meaning of love= Love is long-suffering, and kind. Love is not jealous, it odes not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecent, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep an account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things= LOVE NEVER FAILS

Love works both ways.

Don’t fret if the love is not returned, just move on because you will reap what you sow

Much LOVE 2 YA,

Tracy B

It’s all about joy…..

There’s a difference between having fun and having joy!

When it came time for me to get happy I would always say I need to have some fun. I would think of what I can possibly do to make a horrible time hilarious for me.  I didn’t notice how I would have to go out searching for something to do for fun. I would either call up a friend to hang out, watch a funny movie to laugh, read a book to go on a journey, or whatever involved me not being in the present moment.

However, when nothing seemed to work to make life fun I soon realized I needed something more stable and lasting.  I needed joy!  With joy I didn’t need to look for fun anymore. With joy I realized fun was always present.

Joy is within and fun is on the out.

Get joy and have fun with it!

Much Love,

Tracy B