Revelation in the clouds…..


Happy Monday to all!-)
I’ve always loved the sky; the sun, moon, stars, planets, and majestic clouds. Clouds are really nothing more than abstract art to me. It reveals so many things including what the weather will be like. However, I view them as if God’s unfolding a story before my eyes and my job is to figure out what it’s showing or telling me to do next.

The day I took this picture I was praying and asking God about what I should do.  I placed God in remembrance of His word saying my problems are underneath me. How I believe I am the head and not the tale, above and not beneath, lender and not a borrower and more than a conqueror.  Sure, I spoke encouragement but felt discouraged due to life’s situations and circumstances. I was praying but doubting, believing but no frame of mind to receive anything. In other words, I was expecting the worst but praying for the best. It’s sad to say this thorn still sticks me at times, but I recognize it now and dismiss it before it takes root.  It’s not easy to do, but my PEACE is at stake and I need my peace.

After praying I looked up and saw this. I began smiling because it looked like the number 1. Then it looked like a surfer.  Then I heard,

” Your concerns concern me. I know all that you stand in need of and will do that and more. However you are the ONE who will determine if it happens, when it happens, and the time it happens. When you pray you must first know and believe I am God and capable of doing ALL that’s asked of Me. Rise above your problems spiritually, and mentally so that you can see them manifest naturally.  Your problems are beneath you. Rise above the situation to see the solution from every angle and glide right into your destiny.”

Sometimes seeing is believing.  That day He knew I needed to see something and now I can show you!

Look up and see the BIG picture to reveal the enigma.

The sky is only the limit to where your dreams start and with God there is never an ending!

 Much Love,
Tracy B

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