Tonight lose control…….

Happy Thursday to you all. Today I just want to relax and enjoy life.  Tonight is the night before my birthday and I’m super excited. Not because I’m turning a year older but because it’s the beginning of a new year for me.  I don’t know what to expect with this ripen age but I know it will definitely be the best for me.  That’s how God operates. HE takes what was meant for evil, set out to destroy, damage, ruin your reputation, and some kind of way turns the situation around for your good. It doesn’t ever matter how bad it seems it will work out for your good.  Not saying that turning a year older is a bad thing, but speaking of life’s situations in general.

Gone cry bout the situation while in the moment, but afterwards KNOW and BELIEVE without doubt God will make the situation work for your good.

Make each day count, but tonight make it the best you ever had!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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