Ability to believe……

I hear the wind blowing, the river running, and the fire burning.  And, the Lord says, if you will only but believe that which I have spoken then you shall have it.  You shall make it your own and it shall become a living reality in these coming weeks.

Watch for the little things that need attention.  Details that you overlook at this time could interrupt your spiritual flow and present a bigger problem later on.  Your thoroughness now will be of great benefit to you and those around you in the future.  Take the time you need to do every job well, says the Lord.  You will be glad you did.

One of the greatest abilities God has given each one of us is our ability to believe.  If you believe God’s Word, you can be successful.  If you believe God’s Word, you can over mistakes of the past.  If you believe God’s Word, you can fulfill your God-given destiny.  There is incredible power in what you believe.  What you believe is greater than your circumstances, greater than your trials, greater than your medical report, and greater than your bank account!

God has spoken, Do you believe?

Enjoy your weekend!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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