Which one are you?????

Isn’t it funny how you can read something and walk away with a sense of knowing, then read it again and it have a totally different perception?  That’s what happened to me.  Allow me to share::::::

As I was reading the bible on sowing, seeds, reaping, harvest and so forth I was asked something that I found to be interesting.  God spoke, “There are four kinds of people in this world. Which one are you?” “Well, tell me all four and I’m sure I can tell which one I am.” I stated with confidence but I realized then the question was deeper than I’d want to go because God already knew.

You are all sowers, but each seed is different. You each possess an earthly purpose but it’s based on which sower you are. 

1. You hear MY voice but you don’t believe and fall by the wayside and therefore carried along with the wind.

2. You hear MY voice and even get happy about what I’ve said until one little thing happens and you fall apart. You don’t lack much moisture for growth.

3. You hear MY voice, get happy, go forth doing my work until life happens and hurts your heart with thorns and thistles. You become bitter, unforgiving, and I get choked out of you.

4. You hear MY voice, get happy, go forth, practice patience, spring forth in abundance and teach others how to sow. Life happens and you get stuck with thorns, you fall by the wayside but get up, no little thing can get you down for you realize I am that I am!  Now which one are you?”   

I thought for a moment before finally coming to the conclusion I had no idea. I answered anyhow, “I can be all four or the last one who experience all four.”  God replied……

The answer is revealed in how you resolve things once you hear MY voice.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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