Beautifully begin….

Beautiful beginnings often start with unhappy endings.

I never understood the mindset of God.  How HE can take that which was meant for evil and turn it around for my good.  I always sit in awe when something terrible happens, and it’s only because I’m trying to figure out how God is going to turn that particular situation around for the good of all parties involved.

When my mother died from her physical body for earthly use I sat in awe. I questioned why God would move in that way when the family prayed collectively for a different outcome. What kind of goodness can come from the death of a loved one? It will be a year in August and I can see the good coming forth.  I see movers and shakers in my family.  I see fear leaving and loosing its hold on my life and others around me.  I see smiles and joy where there was once frowns and emptiness.  I can see the impact my mothers love left on the earth and all those whose lives she touched.

I can even see your future of greatness coming to pass sooner than you think. However, for this to happen you must sacrifice your mindset and heart!

My question for you today…….Will the world change from your love if today was your end? Is your love impacting the world or enslaving your heart? Are you loving others even if you stand to gain nothing?

Here’s a thought…. End the cycle of dysfunction & forgive so you can  beautifully begin to love without fear.

Love never fails if you give it your all!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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