Are you really free????…….

Hello all and happy Wednesday to you. 

Today I want to discuss FREEDOM. I always love to share what God has revealed to me to help someone else along his or her journey in life. Okay, well I don’t always love to share it; sometimes I’m forced,(LOL) but for the most part I don’t mind providing insight from a wonderful God.

I always thought freedom was basically an outer source. Meaning freedom from people, habits, behavior, a certain way of feeling.  I never looked at it really for what it truly meant.

Freedom= independence, exemption from an obligation, discomfort; ease of movement, frankness. (Webster)

However when God says free He says; whom the SON has set free is free indeed. So I went into my time of just talking to my Father to hear what this word truly meant for me, from HIS perspective.  God spoke……

“Freedom is not outer, it always starts within.  The only way to be truly free is to think your way to freedom. In order to change bad habits you have to think of good habits, think of good behavior to change bad behavior, think of great relationships to change bad ones, and so on.  It starts in the mind. You have to be free from the stronghold of what you were once instructed to believe. Your heart provides you freedom for I reside there. Life has damaged and demented the heart, but I am the renewer of it. I can cleanse what others have diminished and discarded. Once I make changes NO ONE can pluck you from me or me from you. Now that’s true freedom and whom the SON set free is free indeed.”

I sat in awe because I’ve always hollered about my freedom, but God always let me know I was still very much entangled and in bondage of people and their thoughts, perceptions, and judgement of me. Well today I can actually say I’m free indeed.

The only thing that really matters is who God created you to be, and what YOU think of it! How can you allow others to shape and mold what they had no part in creating? Get free today and stay free indeed. You are more than what you’re thinking, I promise you!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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