Faith or hope????

Happy Monday!

I’ve been doing this all wrong, but just knew I was right. I love when God takes the time to correct me in secret but ask me to publicize it to help someone else.  I always wonder why I can’t just keep this between us, but I know better.

I was attending church yesterday and the Pastor spoke about the heart of man but I only heard hope and faith. I listened attentively and kept hearing the words don’t mix up hope and faith, they are NOT the same. I thought nothing more of it. Today I received an email saying those same words, but this time it resonated and I heard God speak.. “You are hoping and that only gets you so far, but faith will get you where I need you to be.” I couldn’t believe I confused faith and hope as being one in the same.

Hope= a feeling that what is wanted will happen, desire accompanied by expectations.

Faith=unquestioning belief specific in God, complete trust or confidence, loyalty.

I pondered over the definitions that Webster provided and began to meditate so that I can hear God’s definition. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith is now, hope is later. Faith says I have it now, but hope says I will see it later. Faith is complete confidence and unquestioning belief but hope is a feeling or desire it will happen. So even if I don’t see it, walk in complete trust that I have it already is faith. Hope says I’m waiting until I see it and then I can walk in faith knowing it’s all done.I’ve been going about this wrong, it’s not one in the same.

So I’ve said all of this to say……

It’s good to have hope, but faith is the key that unlocks the doors of your dreams. The only way hope will work is if you put faith first! Faith says someone was reached by this, hope says you will comment later!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 Replies to “Faith or hope????”

  1. Good thoughts, and it is always good when God can awaken us to the truth of what he has set in front of us to dine on. Thanks for sharing and may God continue to bless you greatly.

  2. Wow! I have been treating these two words as if they were the same also! It’s true that you do learn something new everyday! Lol But this is a great message. It helped me realize that I have the hope, but I need to become stronger with my faith. This is something I will try to work on. Thank you for the enlightenment! Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

    1. Hi Candace,
      I’m so glad you got something from this message and that you continue to read the blog daily. It’s always a pleasure and blessing hearing the lesson God taught me teach someone else. Enjoy your evening and we will continue to have more Faith than hope.-)
      Much Love 2 ya,

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