It’s Summertime

Happy Friday everyone!

I just want to take this time to tell each and every one of you THANK YOU! Thank you for always being encouraging and reading what I have to offer.  It’s no coincidence or happenstance for me, it’s all God ordained and for that I am grateful.

It’s SUMMERTIME and extremely hot in the ATL ! However, God has blessed me and all of you to see this day, with brand new grace and mercy, so why not enjoy!


Much Love,

Tracy B


You’re right and I’m wrong…..

When you set out to make yourself right by making someone else wrong you can expect to be judged.

You must know that people will remember when you do something that’s out of line, out of character, or just plain dumb.  They have a way of letting you know how shocked, surprised or disappointed they are.  They may want to berate, scold or chastise you.  With this being said you set out to make yourself right and prove others wrong.

Self righteousness is an affliction, an inner desire to be accepted and valued. It’s simply a camouflage of feelings of worthlessness. When your life is based on proving others wrong you can expect to live a life of pure misery.  If you’re always right then that also means you’re perfect.  You don’t fall short, you don’t make mistakes, you know nothing of struggle, or consequences. Your world is alright!!  Well I don’t believe I’ve run into a perfect individual but I have run into individuals striving for perfection.

You have nothing to feel guilty, ashamed, or angry about.  It’s only life teaching you a divine lesson. Rather than focusing on what “they” are saying, identify what you have learned and remember how awful you felt being criticized the next time you try to make yourself right by proving someone else wrong.

It’s all a lesson, just learn it and teach others along your journey.

Much Love,

Tracy B

My prayer,,,,,,,

Dear God,

I would like to start by saying thank you.  Thank you for loving me the way that you do. Thank you for my talented children and family.  I even thank you for my foes. I thank you for trusting me enough to change me, making me a better me. I haven’t done all that I need but I thank you for giving me brand new mercy and grace each day to start anew.

The flow of Your spirit keeps me sane, but there are days when I feel like I’m losing you.  I hear you saying stay the course and not get distracted,  but I’ve learned my mind is my biggest distraction.  Help me to stay in your presence, and to keep my thoughts on you.  In doing this, I’m forcing my mind to focus on the promise and not the obstacles during the journey.

Thank you for never condemning me though I sin.  Thank you for forgiving me and never bringing it up again.  Thank you for allowing me freedom to use the gifts and talents you have given me.  Thank you God for loving me. Please never take your love, joy, peace, and presence from me.

I love you more and more. In Jesus name

Much Love,

Tracy B

Which one are you?????

Isn’t it funny how you can read something and walk away with a sense of knowing, then read it again and it have a totally different perception?  That’s what happened to me.  Allow me to share::::::

As I was reading the bible on sowing, seeds, reaping, harvest and so forth I was asked something that I found to be interesting.  God spoke, “There are four kinds of people in this world. Which one are you?” “Well, tell me all four and I’m sure I can tell which one I am.” I stated with confidence but I realized then the question was deeper than I’d want to go because God already knew.

You are all sowers, but each seed is different. You each possess an earthly purpose but it’s based on which sower you are. 

1. You hear MY voice but you don’t believe and fall by the wayside and therefore carried along with the wind.

2. You hear MY voice and even get happy about what I’ve said until one little thing happens and you fall apart. You don’t lack much moisture for growth.

3. You hear MY voice, get happy, go forth doing my work until life happens and hurts your heart with thorns and thistles. You become bitter, unforgiving, and I get choked out of you.

4. You hear MY voice, get happy, go forth, practice patience, spring forth in abundance and teach others how to sow. Life happens and you get stuck with thorns, you fall by the wayside but get up, no little thing can get you down for you realize I am that I am!  Now which one are you?”   

I thought for a moment before finally coming to the conclusion I had no idea. I answered anyhow, “I can be all four or the last one who experience all four.”  God replied……

The answer is revealed in how you resolve things once you hear MY voice.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Expect it ….

Happy Monday to you!

Prepare your hearts and minds for favor of a lifetime! If you have a spirit of expectancy then I’m asking you to expect BIG things today.  Nothing that comes to us is ever easy, but it surely will leave easily if we are not prepared to handle it.

I say today to all my dreamers  *If you believe, expect, and go forth in this race today you will see the desires of your heart manifest before your eyes.*  Today is your day to knock on the door of opportunity and EXPECT it to open!

Look for your miracle and expect it today!!!

All I ask is you bless others by telling the miracle and encouraging someone else to LOOK and EXPECT!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Why do you love me this way?????……..

Just in my thoughts today!!!

I must have made God and my parents cry multiple times, yet I find the love I receive still so pure, so unconditional, open and full.  However, I was crazy enough to test it constantly by doing what I knew was wrong in their eyes but felt great to my flesh. I honestly felt like they were obligated to love me that way since they had everything to do with my creation and not giving me a choice in the matter.  It was like I was telling everyone take me as I am, no changes, no perfection, this is me and that’s that.

I didn’t realize that once I became a parent those same test, trials, and tribulations would surface to make me take a deeper look at my actions, life, and the way I treated people.  I didn’t realize love was as deep as it is.  I didn’t understand the difference between unconditional and limited love until I sat in God’s presence and felt love I’d never felt before. Yet I’ m still faced with the question….

God spoke…“Just embrace it, caress it, share it, and never neglect it!”

Much Love,

Tracy B

What HE said…..

When dealing with life’s issues we tend to look for something tangible because it’s easier to accept and believe, but regardless I’ve come to find there’s none greater or even worth the search than that of My father God! 

God said…

“You shall live and not die. You are more than a conqueror.   You are a lender and not a borrower.  You are the head and not the tail.  Greater is ME who lives in you than the enemy of this world.  You MUST believe I am able to do what you ask before you even ask.  Now be encouraged this day and each day going forth.”

There’s no test hard enough for God to fail.  There’s no lie huge enough that God can’t win over with the truth.  There’s no stronghold strong enough that God can’t grab hold.  You must believe that all your struggling is coming to an end.

What are you thinking?

If you’re thinking it’s not possible then stop reading.  If you know ALL things are possible to those who believe then get ready for your life to change THIS day.  However, it’s not enough to just believe……

You must act on your beliefs and follow your dreams.  After all your future and happiness is at stake!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s junky in here…..

I’ve been dancing with the stars and singing with the angels.

I’ve climbed the highest mountain and went to the lowest valleys.  I’ve drunk with the fish and swam with the sharks. I’ve sprinted with Olympic Champions and ran with chickens.  I’ve loved unconditionally and experienced heart-break uncontrollably.  There seems to be nothing emotionally or  metaphorically I haven’t experienced; still there are lessons yet unlearned and even more lessons to be  taught.

It’s nothing I’m afraid of learning out here, but what always keeps me guessing is at what cost. How much do I lose to gain?  Will I bounce back from the loss? Is the gain worth it?

I know something is about to break out or break through because of the constant turmoil, struggles, and obstacles I’ve had to face but I’m ready.

My nephew Kendall who wants to be known as Wiza (Ole wise one) says for me to compare our minds to a box filled with all kinds of things but mostly junk. He says we should clear out all the bad so that ONLY good things can stay and enter going forth. I asked how can we do that, he simply replied to pray, believe and ask God to help you throughout the process.

Today I will pray, believe and ask God to help me! There’s no way I can go wrong….

Much Love,

Tracy B

Let it Flow!

Lessons learned are priceless! It’s a gift of wisdom from God above. Cherish the most precious gift of all called LOVE!

Much Love

Tracy B

Living like it’s golden!!!

Life in the fastlane can cause you to miss out on living!

I’ve discovered you MUST sit still long enough to hear what God is speaking to you. You can get so  caught up trying to survive that you neglect living to the fullest of your ability.

#YOLO (You only live once) and there’s no coming back to redo this life over. You’re not coming back as butterflies or anything extra so grab hold and live now.
I’ve said all of this too say……

Embrace and enjoy the skin you’re in. You’re the ONLY you, and no one can do YOU better. Now LIVE with that!!

Much Love,

Tracy B