Unblock yourself….

Funny how a simple technology called Caller ID would make you think of something rewarding to life’s design.

The phone rings and the Caller ID displays  ‘Name Not Found’ the replied thought was ‘call not answered’. “It’s that simple!” I chuckled.

The caller wanted an answer without identifying his or herself. I reflected on how I do that at times. How I want God to answer me with precision and clarity, but I talk in circles and doubtfully believe. I then realized I must never go to God again without revealing my identity, my vulnerability, my ups and downs, my hurts, my desires or I risk the chance my call get delayed or not answered at all.    
I understand the principle now of coming to God in spirit and truth. I understand there’s something mighty and magnificent in making your name found for all to see and talk about. If they decide to answer or not, they will always know you called for you’ve made your presence known and not hidden your identity.
“I am no longer afraid for you to see my identity, but are you afraid to answer?”

Show off now, it’s time the world take notice of your true identity!

Much Love,

Tracy B


2 thoughts on “Unblock yourself….

  1. Kila

    So true!!!! Without faith we are not only lost but doomed!!! I too had to learn how to humble myself before the throne of grace. I had to be as trasparent as possible because he already knows… so i loved this…thanks for making it a renewed convo… 🙂


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