Bending but not broken…..

Over and over he tries to break me.  But the more he tries, the more God shows and tell me of my creation.  I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image.  Whom shall I fear or be afraid? I’m in awe of God’s magnificent work and with this knowledge HE shall forever be glorified.

My prayer today,

Lord, please keep a guard over my lips so that I speak no evil.  Keep my heart compassionate so that I do no evil.  Keep my troubles few and far so that I fear no evil. God thanks for preparing a table before me in the presence of my enemies and the one who tries to break me.  You continue to anoint my head with oil, and allow my cup to run over.  The rain is pouring and my tears are like the rain. My heart is troubled with the confusion and complexity of my environment, but I know it’s not the end.  It’s the beginning of something precious, solid, and grounded in truth. I can not be broken, but the bend sometimes takes a toll on me.  I can not be broken, but the fold some days enslave me.  I can not be broken, but the trials overwhelm me.  It’s all good either way God for I know the creation of me!!!

Don’t allow anyone to break you especially when they had no part in creating you!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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