Happy Holidays to you……

I was thinking about animals and instincts after speaking with my cousin and his wife.  He seems to enjoy the wild life; birds, sharks, sting rays and all kind of dogs.  In the midst of the conversation I began thinking of how animals go after their food.  They go on a hunt, they actually PREY on it.  The baby cubs are trained to be very quiet, breathe easily, and duck lowly.  In doing this the predator is clueless of the fact they are being preyed upon.  After the cub preys it pounces, meaning it takes a leap of faith and goes full force after what it desires and usually get’s the very thing they’ve preyed after.

The same thing with us (humans).  I know you’ve been told before eating a meal to pray over your food and if you don’t it tends to follow destructive behavior all coming for you! My mother would slap the food out of my mouth before my tongue can taste its savor.  All of that to say you definitely had to pray before eating a meal in our home. When we pray we close our eyes, bow our heads, and thank God for the meal before us.  After it’s all said and done we believe the food is not harmful and go for it; devouring everything before us.

I’m in awe of  how God will take that which is simple and blow my mind.

A blue jay was born in the backyard and he made a loud screech when his wings failed him.  His mother came flying in, they exchanged screeches and she flew off.  Within the half hour the mother returned and feed her baby from her beak. The baby bluejay gained strength and took off in flight.  I sat in amazement!

God does that same thing for HIS children.  Once we screech HE hears it and comes to our aid.

HE doesn’t allow us to lack any good thing! Enjoy your holiday and PRAY to avoid being PREY!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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