Holes in the wall…..

If you can learn to be a hole in the wall, things will happen through you, not to you. (John Randolph Price)

Nothing ever happens to a hole in the wall.  Everything passes through it.  Things happen around it.  Things happen above it and below it, but the hole remains the same.  Even if the hole is covered, it remains; never losing its identity, doing what it was created to do.  Nothing gets stuck in a hole in the wall.  Everything comes into the hole; nothing stays in the hole; the holes defines itself by being a hole.  Things come to the hole in the wall.  Light. Air. Darkness. Sound. It takes from everything that comes and willingly allows everything to go.  How would you define a hole in the wall? Is it nothing ? Is it everything? Is it something? Is it all things? A hole in the wall cannot be defined; therefore, it cannot be limited.  You cannot identify a hole in the wall; it has an identity all its own.  Is it a big hole? A small hole? A black hole? A white hole? The only way to define the hole is based on how you see it.

Today I am a hole in life’s wall!

Iyanla Vanzant- Acts Of Faith

Much Love,

Tracy B


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