I had you in mind….

Step out in the dark and SEE the vision!

I’m calling out your seeds of greatness. None of you are here by accident. God has placed all of you here reading this blog today for a purpose. I can’t keep your greatness to myself. I have to share it with you! Some one reading this blog right now is going thru a hard time and crying on the inside. Your money is leaving before you can even get it in your hands good. I am writing this for you and calling out your potential on the inside.  Through my eyes of faith I can see what you are becoming.

You are stronger than you feel. You are smarter than what you’re revealing. You are prettier than what the mirror displays. You are going farther than your background and will speak with such authority and anointing. God is raising you up for such a time as this. What you’ve being going thru is only preparing you! Favor and abundance is searching for you, but you have to step out in the dark. I know it looks bleak and unattainable, like you’re never going to make it, but I’m telling you TODAY it’s about to happen.

Get out of your crazy thoughts. Stop with the mediocre living. Stop attending that pity party (you’re the only one there anyway). Quit believing the lies of your mind and start living the light of your vision. I know you are reading this right now because I can feel your spirit connecting with these words. You are great and I’m calling out your seeds of greatness. Now plant it in your mind and sow it for the world to reap!

You are beat down enough by life, my job is to beat you UP to the level of your wildest dreams.

I love you with all your flaws, mistakes, mishaps, stinky thinking, addictions, bad habits and your lost sense of purpose. I see YOU as perfect! You are not at risk, you’re at possibilities!!! 

Rise to the expectations of what God sees, and what you have envisioned.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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