Go away troubles……

Trouble don’t last always!

I think it’s safe to say we are all going through some hard times right now.  Troubles have no preference on the color of anyone’s skin, but  it comes to us all in sizes ranging from small to enormous. I’ve even had troubles come wrapped in bundles.  However, I’ve never asked for them, yet they appeared at my front door, in my dreams, in my car, on my street, at my job, in my relationships and sometimes in my children.  The nerve of trouble being so complicated and forceful into my life.

For years I played around with trouble. I tried compromising with it. I tried making it my friend/enemy so it wouldn’t visit so often, but none of that worked. Then I heard a message from God and the simplicity of it made it hard for me to believe. He said, “Change the way you view trouble. It’s not around to kill you, ONLY to make you stronger. It’s just building your character and sustaining your faith. It’s ONLY temporary”.

Can you believe that? I just knew God didn’t know about all my troubles. Surely this is testing my faith and trying my patience. I can’t just end this trouble by thinking differently about it. It wont go away, it’s gonna take me out of here but at least I’ll go with God I thought.

I fought the idea for a long while and trouble came even more frequently. So one day I decided to just do what God said and spoke positively about the trouble. I laughed when it knocked on the door and barged in. I even asked it to PRAISE with me, glorify and worship God, but it got offended. The nerve of trouble leaving when I asked it to join in on being positive. The nerve of trouble telling me NO! It even stopped coming around as often. I asked for it, looked everywhere, but it refused to come back and PRAISE with me.

Thank God for revealing a great mystery of defeating trouble and I wish to share it with you.

Praise your troubles away! It’s that simple.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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