Ruffling some feathers …….

It’s easy to throw up our hands and say “children of the world today are bad and hopeless,” but that is definitely wrong. Children today are reflections of adults mistakes yesterday.

I remember hearing those same words when I was a child but I also remember everyone had something to say to steer me in the right direction.  You ever heard the saying it takes a village to raise 1 child? It’s very much the truth.  If I did something bad or disrespectful in front of ANY adult I paid for it dearly.  Today we turn a def ear and say well it aint my child, but you’re wrong again. When did we lose love for children? When did we lose love for the future? When did it become about us and not the big picture? When did we stop caring?

Our younger generation is NOT hopeless, they are without help from adults. We are the ones putting the things on t.v for children to watch. (Children don’t own any networks!!!) We don’t even allow them to go outside and experience life, getting dirty, falling and getting back up. We stick them in front of a t.v and say LEARN everything basically. I remember as a child I couldn’t be around “grown folk conversation” let alone try to comment. WAAM, “get your grown self out of here and go play outside with the other kids” is what I would hear next, and believe me I wanted to go outside after experiencing that. I didn’t want to come in the house because I thought adults were boring. It’s not like that today, our children have become our parents. Go figure! Why do I say that… well here are some examples.  On t.v shows today what are kids doing to their parents? Talking back, cursing them out, hitting them, killing them and we sit by idle and do nothing but allow our children to keep watching those shows, but want to protest about BasketBall Wives.(They are grown women acting like children, not the other way around) Then our children turn on us and we have the nerve to say I don’t know where they got that from. LOL! We are lying to ourselves.

Then society’s excuse is because we have younger parents, that’s a lie. It was teenage pregnancy in the 50’s and still going. It is higher today because of what adults are putting on t.v. Sex for ALL advertisements(even washing detergent commercials) Really! We’re even placing children on medication because they have the energy of a child and we want them to sit still like adults.  It’s a shame what we adults are doing to this generation of children.

Speak life, not limits. Show love, not hatred. Give smiles, not sarcasm. Give respect and earn respect. Have sternness, not fear. Give hope, not hangups. If I see a child being disrespectful I step to them. I’m not afraid of kids because I’m going after them with love NOT disrespect, so they show me respect in return.

Children are our future, not our problem. If you don’t act now to change what you’ve done, they will and it will be all your fault. All it takes is LOVE to end wars, good to end evil, light to end darkness, and courage to end fear. It starts with YOU!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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