What color is your love????

I like to watch reality t.v at  times.  Well actually that’s the only thing on.  It’s almost as if great writers don’t exist.  Everything is reality… or is it?  I was watching LaLa Antony’s show and saw an exciting episode in which a black man stated that he was not interested in dating a black sister because they have such attitudes, not adventurous, don’t like their hair messed with, wont play, not supportive and basically take life too seriously.  Well I beg to differ…. To those guys I say go out and venture but please NOTE you came into this world by a fabulous black woman who decided to not abort you and raise you to be the great KING you are.  I also say to those same black men that we are very adventurous because we decided to date you.

Please understand it’s not easy dealing with a man who has the mentality that he is inferior, broke, slave mentality,  wanting his momma all over again, playing women against each other, and feel we have to be the backbone in everything.  We want men to stand up and be MEN.  I’m a grown woman who deserves a grown MAN, not a boy.  We are supportive! We support you in the fact we have to constantly stroke your ego and let you know you are more than your thoughts, that is an adventure all in itself.  We work the jobs, we cook the meals, we clean the house, we wash the clothes, we take care of the children, we nurture the sick and pray for a better tomorrow.  Don’t discredit us (women) because of the actions of your heartbreak.  We are all individuals.  We are all women; rather Black, White, Hispanic, Latino, Jew, Gentile, Greek, Bazillion..

The morale of the story is I love all people and show my love to all. Love has no color, but don’t discredit me due to one person breaking the rules of your list of what love should be. Get over it and move on; I did.  I still love and looking forward to receiving more love in my life. Heartache, heartbreak, and folk not following the rules is all part of love, be a MAN and work past that.

Sidenote: I date all races…I’m just saying….

That is all!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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