I’m tired now…….

Have you ever been TIRED?

Tired of all the games, lies, wearing a smile when your entire world is flipping upside down.  Tired of folk telling you they got your back only to discover they NEVER meant that.  Tired of communities turning on each other.  Tired of love meaning hate if you’re of an opposite color.  Tired of being sick and tired thinking this feeling is gonna last you for life. But even in all of my tiredness I PRAISE God for weeping only endures for a night.

If you’re tired then you’re in the perfect place.  The perfect timing to experience God’s grace.  Don’t get tired to the point you stop moving forward but use this tired time to PUSH even harder.  It’s okay to say no and discern what you believe is truth. It’s okay to let go and allow God to move.  It’s quite alright when friends walk away after all you’re tired anyways.

Be quiet, calm, and lose control; for when you let go of your ways of MAKING things right then you’ll get tired and see the true blessings manifest and unfold.

I’m tired and I’m cool with that!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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