Learning life’s lessons…..

The journey I’m traveling at this time in my life is nothing I would wish for anyone.

I’ve had to wrestle with my own negative thoughts of reality and overcome them with positivity and imagination. I’m learning to live without who I’d considered to be a strong foundation and tower in my life by remembering life does not end with death but merely takes another form.  I’ve watched mistakes and consequences of them take a horrible turn of derailing me from the path of righteousness only to find God is still with me wherever I go. I’ve had to deal with finding out everyone I’d called friend didn’t hold that same title or respect for me.  I’ve learned that support doesn’t come from the people you’ve supported.  I’ve learned the real meaning of struggle and making a dollar out of 15 cents. I’ve learned the meaning of being alone but not lonely. I’ve learned how to cry out in pain but end in praise.  I had to learn how to overcome fear with courage.  I’ve learned what a broken heart feels like. I’ve learned sometimes we have to walk a path of isolation from people to get a greater understanding of the journey with God.  I’ve learned that my name and reputation has no real merit or credibility but God does it all for HIS name’s sake.  I’ve learned my relationship with God is just that “My Relationship”… It’s nothing for anyone to judge or try to critique.

I’m saying all of this to say you don’t know my story but will soon see and understand my glory.  The same applies to you. What God has for you is for you and nobody can take that. As long as you’re learning you are still in the will of God. The promise is yet for an appointed time, it will manifest, though it tarries WAIT for it. It will speak and will  not lie.

Learn the lessons of life, walk slowly, grow in love and give thanks for it all! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


2 thoughts on “Learning life’s lessons…..


    I always tell you to “Illuminate” the world with your wisdom and the understanding that God is giving you to complete this mission in your life. I know this is a trying week in your life and each day will be an ultimate test of faith leading into Mother’s Day. I hear your mom all in you(she is proud) and it is so prophetic that you say “life does not end in death but takes on another form”. The flesh goes away but the spirit keeps transcending and communicating to keep us leaning in the right direction. Each day you fight through your own negativity and share your thoughts with the “blogging world” you are remaining focused, even in your detours. Isn’t it funny that isolation from people is most times communing with God for your circumstance? When he brings us out of ISOLATION, why is it that we never look like we have been through anything but a vacation?(AMAZING!!!) But in our isolation period we remember all the pain but God shows us all the Joy. We ponder over lost opportunities, people and things but he shows us all of our Gains despite what we miss. We deal with our own selves and incompleteness and God shows us that as long as HE is there we are more than complete. In our isolation we talk to God more than we ever have because we are desperate for the “right now answers” in our time of need. Guess what??? At that point that we are open to hear God and He does answer for His Glory and our sanctification!!! Isolation leads to desperation which leads to Inspiration which all leads to the REVELATION OF WHO GOD IS IN OUR LIVES…Keep your head up and your heart centered on Christ and all that was lost will be RESTORED AND FOUND!!!…AJAMET

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