Go Away……

LENT= Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking (Earl Nightingale)

When you think negatively you attract negativity. That’s the awesome power of the mind.  When you confront the world with negative thoughts, you will have experiences to confirm what you are thinking.  Thought to experience, that is the process.  It is not the other way around.  What you believe people and the world are doing to you is actually a reflection of what your thoughts are drawing to you.  If you want to free yourself from the harshness of the world clear harsh thoughts from you mind.  Clear anger with forgiveness, confusion with orderly thinking.  Clear restriction with an open mind, violence with peaceful thoughts.  Clear denial with acceptance, hate with thoughts of love.  When you clear what you do not want from the recesses of your mind, it will miraculously disappear from your life.

I will think negativity out of my way!

Iyanla Vanzant


Much Love,

Tracy B


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