Give it so you can get it!

This year is just starting out and already I’ve learned enough to last me a lifetime. It’s truly a blessing and revelation to seek God with all your being. In doing so He will not withhold the enigma of life. God is awesome and when HE places His stamp on you you’re branded for life.

Someone needs to understand today that what you did yesterday does NOT define your tomorrow. You have to get out of the past so that you can see clear into your future. Of course you will never forget yesterdays faults and failures  but to constantly relive it is destructive and deadly.

Remove people from your life that only cause you pain. Yes, we are to love all but wisdom says love yourself first then we will know truly how to love our enemies.

Today is your day to receive a blessing, but it starts with you being a blessing to someone else.  Open your hands so that God can place something in it.  Closed fist gets you just where you are today. If you’re not happy with your life chances are you are not too happy with yourself.

God gives you what you give freely to others. Give from your needs and watch God bless beyond it! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


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