Springtime Feeling- you want it?

So today I’m going to do something different.  It’s Friday and I feel like letting my hair down and partying. I would love for you to join in.  It’s not hard to do. First thing is to clear your mind of all clutter, negativity, and pressure.  Take a deep breath in, EXHALE, and listen……

Springtime written by Trace-E, produced by OrenMajor #DON40

I haven’t written, sang or anything in years, but when my mom passed something happened and it all changed.  Hope you all enjoy it! It’s Friday… Let’s party!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 thoughts on “Springtime Feeling- you want it?

  1. Kimberly

    You are amazing!!! Keep up the good work. You are a true blessing to your children, they have to be proud of you!!! Tell O, to keep it up.

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