Dreams of ……

I went to sleep last night with thoughts of my mom and praying for God to continue to keep me in my right mind.  Do you all know how easily you can lose your mind with the things going on in this world today? Just my problems alone can take me out of here, but I thank God for my mother who told me about a Father who can keep me.  She provided my family a solid foundation of God’s word, faith and walking in favor.  We saw it everyday.  She had more than enough folk in the home and still we managed to have more than enough to share.  That’s favor, faith and the heart of God all rolled in one.

I dreamed of me in this stadium or some big conference and my mom was sitting there in a white suit next to what appeared to be a good friend. She was always introducing us to her friends and bragging so when she did it this time I did as I always use to do; act as if I didn’t hear or see anything.  LOL! She understood what I was doing and continued introducing me anyway like she would always do.  I laughed as well as she. I then looked around to see exactly where I was but at that point it was of no importance because my mom came up and pinched me like she would always do when I failed to introduce myself.  But I figured she’d just did that so it was no need for me to follow-up with the same lines.  Besides, she did such a great job with her introduction who was I to undercut it? LOL, but she still pinched me. We laughed hard and I stuck my hand out to shake her friend’s hand as she held on to my skin. I finally broke loose and started running, and she chased me a little. I looked back to see her smiling so beautifully. I woke up and realized I wanted to go back to sleep.

I began praying. God began speaking then I heard my mother’s voice. Then just like that I realized something I’d known was different all my life.  I actually encountered God on earth. We are all created in His image and we say we aint perfect when we sin. We then pick out the people in the bible that God used who had similar characteristics and similar sin, so we can compare and not feel as bad. Ok, it’s just me again, but you know I don’t mind speakingup4me!.  God loved David and even stated he was a man after his own heart. That is deep for real, for God to compare His heart to man. I believe we all possess the heart of God, but not all are willing to go thru what David went thru, what my mom went thru, what Michael Jackson went thru to truly have the heart of God and therefore giving others an experience of encountering God on earth.  None of the people I named were perfect in humanity, but perfect in heart!

Get your heart right, so when it breaks God can replace it with His heart and that’s perfect!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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