Squeeze Me Please!!!

“Squeeze… Aaah that hurts.  You’re gonna squeeze my insides out”. I said while grunting in a bit of agony.

That’s what I’m trying to doT.  I need to get what’s inside of you OUT!”

“But why? If what’s inside trickles out then it could expose the innermost parts of me.  Surely you don’t wish to expose this for ALL people to see.  It’s so much anger, mistrust, judgement, jealousy, envy, strife, and you wish to  squeeze it out for everyone to witness and judge me? That doesn’t sound very logical to me. Not gonna happen” I thought but remained silent so I could hear the reply.

It’s coming out.  I must squeeze the old stuff out and empty you completely.  I need to impart something new, fresh, and fulfilling in all areas on the inside of you. It’s all going to work for your good I promise you.  However, you will not recognize yourself once I’ve completed my work.  It will hurt, but heal.  You will suffer, but survive.  It will shock your flesh but solidify your spirit. You will be isolated from friends but illuminated in my presence. You’ll even try to fight, but I’ll win. You’ll soon forgive me and I’ll forget all the bad things endured while dealing with you and your issues. After this I’ll need a squeeze!

“Now Father God that last statement was just wrong, but wonderful! LOL  I’m all in. I know you have all things working for my good.”    


It’s never fun to experience the mirror of who you use to be, but it’s a testament to look and see how far you’ve come. In ALL things give thanks.  God knows what is BEST!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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