Give it so you can get it!

This year is just starting out and already I’ve learned enough to last me a lifetime. It’s truly a blessing and revelation to seek God with all your being. In doing so He will not withhold the enigma of life. God is awesome and when HE places His stamp on you you’re branded for life.

Someone needs to understand today that what you did yesterday does NOT define your tomorrow. You have to get out of the past so that you can see clear into your future. Of course you will never forget yesterdays faults and failures  but to constantly relive it is destructive and deadly.

Remove people from your life that only cause you pain. Yes, we are to love all but wisdom says love yourself first then we will know truly how to love our enemies.

Today is your day to receive a blessing, but it starts with you being a blessing to someone else.  Open your hands so that God can place something in it.  Closed fist gets you just where you are today. If you’re not happy with your life chances are you are not too happy with yourself.

God gives you what you give freely to others. Give from your needs and watch God bless beyond it! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


Springtime Feeling- you want it?

So today I’m going to do something different.  It’s Friday and I feel like letting my hair down and partying. I would love for you to join in.  It’s not hard to do. First thing is to clear your mind of all clutter, negativity, and pressure.  Take a deep breath in, EXHALE, and listen……

Springtime written by Trace-E, produced by OrenMajor #DON40

I haven’t written, sang or anything in years, but when my mom passed something happened and it all changed.  Hope you all enjoy it! It’s Friday… Let’s party!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

In you I hear a song…..

When all my strength is gone, in you I hear a song. I look to you!

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.  I look to God for overcoming emotional battles with the Power of His word!  Sometimes He sends us another form of comfort and in this did I find comfort. I pray God speaks to you  thru this as well.

When you can’t do anything else LOOK TO GOD and you will find you’ve done ALL you needed to do!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Forget about it!

I can’t control the situation.  I can barely handle it.  In this situation and like all others I’ve decided to just LET GO, and LET GOD! I’ve realized in the past as soon as I stopped worrying how the story would end only then did HE solve it, resolve it and forgot about it!

When God forgets it and calls you righteous, worthy, and deserving of HIS love who are you to keep bringing it up!

Let go, and allow God to work on your behalf.  It’s for your good!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Where’s your vision for your life?

Write the vision! Make it plain on tablets, so that he who runs may see it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time.  But it will speak, it will not lie.  Though it tarries, wait for it.  It will surely come to pass.  

These are the words I’ve recited over and over in my head but never knew the significance of it until today.  You know how you can read the word and something just jumps out and makes you act out? Well that’s my story today. I’ve been reading this exciting innovative book in which the number one focus is VISUALIZING. You have to see the life you dream about. So with that being said I decided to put together a vision board for myself. I wanted to see it plain enough (within reach) for me to achieve it.  Meditating can get difficult for me with everything I have running thru my mind so I figured making it BIG enough would help alter my thoughts when they take a downward spiral.

I began cutting out places I’d like to go, things I’d like to do, trips I’d like to take, and people I liked to meet. I even cut out how I want my house to look with the perfect lighting and skyline.  I’m sure this looked pretty silly to my son who sat there witnessing me behave in a child-like manner. But arts and crafts take you back, it’s so fun!!!! Anywaysssss, I began listening to the song Miracles (Beverly Crawford) and just like that it hit me.  I finally understood what the bible passage meant and I was doing just that. I visualized it, found pictures to make it plain, big enough so when negative thoughts run thru my mind I can shift  focus on the BIG (picture) vision. It’s an appointed time for it so…..

I’ve done my part, now it’s God’s turn.

 Though the vision tarries I will wait for it. It will speak and not lie, it will surely come to pass.

Get your vision out of your head and in your hands!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Are you working your P’s?

Positivity! Power! Passion! Persistance! Prayer!….this sounds like a recipe for success.

Over the weekend I went to the see the movie “Think Like A Man”. The movie was awesome and I would like to go and see it again.  However, as I sat and laughed extremely hard at Kevin Hart’s role I began thinking about the man who inspired the movie.

Steve Harvey started out working with Ford motors, branched over to  comedy, and now has a #1 movie! Wow…what’s his story I thought to myself.  Then I heard Him (God) answer my question with just the words I said above.  If God did it for Steve Harvey HE is surely capable of doing it for you and I.

It takes being positive even when it looks negative.  It takes power to press pass all fear.  You have to have passion for what you do in order for others to have passion about your craft.  Then you must stay persistent and diligent with your actions; being lazy on the job will produce the same in your finances. And finally you must pray without ceasing.  I’m not saying say the same prayer over and over until you get it.  NO, ask once, believe you received it as soon as you pray for it, and then walk in your divine destiny.

Things look crazy on the outside for me.  It’s like my mind wants me to believe all is lost and I will never make it past this point.  Thank God I don’t believe that!  I’m to busy being Positive, Powerful, Passionate, Persistent, and full of Prayer!

I gotta keep going and see what the end will be!

Much Love,

Tracy B

You decide what it’ll be-

Dr. Joe Vitale—-

As soon as you start to feel different about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good things.  More of the things you can be grateful for.  You could look around and say, ” Well, I don’t have the car I want.  I don’t have the house I want.  I don’t have the spouse I want.  I don’t have the health I want. “Whoah! Back up, back up! Those are all the things you don’t want.  Focus on what you already have that you’re grateful for.  And it might be that you have the eyes to read this. It might be the clothes that you have.  Yes, you might prefer something else and you might get something else pretty soon, if you start feeling grateful for what you have.


Dr. Tracy Brewer (wink)

Stop focusing on what is NOT there and appreciate ALL that God has given to you.  What can you add to it by being a complainer, whiner, wimp, chump, beggar; nothing at all but more of the same.  If you want your life to change and wish to add what you want in it, then change your gratitude and your stinky thinking!!!  Your reality is your thoughts. If you’re mad about how your life is now, it’s all your fault!

Today I am thankful for ALL GOD has given to me, it’s not all I want, but it’s all I need!

Much Love,

Tracy B

No short cuts for you!

“It’s not alright to just get by in life.  You have to put some work in.  Don’t settle for just passing, go beyond the expectations of your limited thinking.” I said to her with conviction in my voice.

My daughter thinks that life would be much easier if she did just enough to get by.  Unfortunately she is not the only one that feels this way.  We all seem to want the fortune and fame but not the work it takes to get there.  We have become accustomed to getting what we want very quickly.  Example…..

We place our order at one stop then drive up a few feet to the window and the order is ready.  I don’t ever remember my mom cooking food that fast.  Trust me I’ve placed many orders in my life to have my mother prepare, but to no avail did I get it quickly.  I had to wait around for that great meal I’d order to be prepared.  Not today, it’s all so immediate and don’t taste anywhere near as great as home cooking, but we still order it because we want something fast without having to do too much to get it.

Life is not about taking short cuts. You have to put in some hard work.  Even when it looks like you’re not going anywhere you have to keep pressing, pushing, pulling, and praying.  See yourself in the place you wish to be, then walk as if you already have it.

Don’t settle for immediate gratification for shortly after you’ll find yourself immediately disappointed.

May the kindness of God always rest upon you!

Much Love

Tracy B

Thank you

Dear God,

Today I sit in awe again because of your awesome wonders and amazing love for me and your children of this world.  I don’t have two dimes to rub together but you make me feel so rich.  I don’t have very many true friends but having you as my friend makes me feel like I have all I truly need. I don’t have perfect children, but the ones you’ve blessed me with are perfect for me.  I don’t the job of my dreams, but you’re making dreaming BIG my job at this time. My family is full of flaws and imperfections but that’s why you love us so.  I guess what I’m trying to say in all of this God is THANK YOU!

Thank you for being God and being God all by yourself.  Thank you for my health, strength, joy, peace, and loving heart.  Thank you for the wisdom and great understanding you’ve given me freely. Thank you for your love in spite of the disrespect and hate I’ve shown in my life. Thank you for not counting my sins but making sure I count my blessings.  Thank you for supplying all of  my needs and even some of my wants. Thank you for convicting me and not condemning me. Thank you for never leaving me.  I love you my Father and will continue to seek you everyday of my life.

Love your daughter,

Tracy B

Speak it and set the tone!

I heard this pastor say the greatest battle we have to fight is the battle between our ears.  Wow!

I thought about it for a moment and agreed. It’s days I wake up with such heaviness and it’s not because I’ve sinned the night before and feeling horrible; it’s simply what I’m thinking.

My thoughts can and will dictate my entire day rather negative or positive. My thoughts will set the tone.

Today I choose to think of NOTHING but goodness, favor and being a blessing to all I encounter.  This is a battle of the mind and I’m in it to win it.  Sometimes we just gotta speak it into existence regardless of what our reality shows us.

SPEAK IT  into the atmosphere and watch your environment change!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B