Going Through -Ying & Yang style

This is all so new for me.  Have you ever tried to listen when your mind is constantly running in different directions? It’s really hard to hear anything.  Even with your lips tightly sealed and ears unplugged you will still hear nothing if your mind doesn’t quiet down.

I’ve tried gaining insight on loads of information knowing it has to get better than this present situation and circumstance.  Now I understand ALL things work together for my good but it feels horrible.  I also understand that I should not worry or be anxious about anything but in all things be thankful.  I get all of this but for some reason I’m unable to hear or gain clarity of any of it due to my mind’s constant flow.

I wish I had an off switch with my mind. Do you know how many worthless conversations I would have never heard? LOL I don’t think I would have ever experienced heart-break, grief, anger, or anything else that takes me out of my peace.  I would simply identify the situation and then turn all switches to OFF.

It’s unfortunate in the sense that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but it’s actually a great thing when you take time to see the BIG picture of it all. We so often expect miracles without putting in the work.  We want the perfect man/woman to enter our lives but we don’t want to experience the imperfection per say. We want folk to live forever with us even if they’re suffering because we don’t want to experience all the facets of a situation or circumstance.

You can’t respect or identify love without knowing hate.  You can’t recognize good without evil.  You can’t respect and keep riches without experiencing poverty.  You can’t appreciate life and living until you’re unafraid of the inevitable death that comes to all of us at some point in life.  I know that I can’t have peace until I’ve first had disturbance.  It’s time like this when I have to decide what is real and what is mayhem.  I want God’s best for me, so I’m going through the worst to get it so I can be appreciative to it! All things don’t happen this way, but I want something BIG from God so I have to go thru the small obstacles!!!!

I’ve said all of this to say;

Go through your situation knowing all things are working together for your good. You asked for it, now go get it! Stop praying for God to do something you can very well do yourself. God works when you put in the work. Get busy!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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