I feel good, get offended!

Now it’s time to ease your mind so hear me as I say… Life’s not always down you see Yeahhhhh

If the sun refuse to shine and all your skies are gray…. just sing this simple melody.

I feel good and I know it, don’t hate me if I show it…

The joy I feel on the inside will show up on the outside.

My hands go up and I praise Him… you know I gotta thank Him.

The happiness in my life today it wont be denied..And I feel good!!!!!

If you’re feeling good like me gone and show it. Everything is NOT perfect but I know God is guiding me thru it all.

“Don’t worry if others look at you crazy, that’s their issue. Trust me completely because I know the way!” God whispered when I rested my mind long enough to hear. 

When you’re feeling bad you show it and don’t mind others seeing it.  When God decides to bless us we tend to hide it because we don’t want to offend others.  Well get offended because God has blessed and He has plenty to go around!!! Get your happy self up and dance with me!


Don’t live to please others, just live for God.  Your happiness and peace of mind depends on it!

Much Love,

Tracy B



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