Where do you stand?

Wake up, Arise, Lift up your head! Get a hefty yawn and wide stretch; now swing your legs out of the bed and STAND!

Stand for what you believe in. Stand for your children and loved ones who can’t stand for themselves.  Stand for truth, equal rights, and justice for all.  Stand for me as I speak up 4 you.

We’re in a time where individuals need to stand up.  Rather it be politics or public icons we still need to stand and show the world we have a voice.

Time is ticking fast and shorter seems the days.  You and I have no time to sit idle and look puzzled.  We have to stand.

Get your mind back focused, your heart back loving, your joy back in plenty, your money back in abundance when you stand for what you believe in.  Don’t be afraid anymore to speak your truth!  There’s a reason you think and feel the way you do.  You’re not weird or unstable, you’re a leader who can’t fit with followers.  Dare to stand for God is watching you.

Stand and be counted with the best of the best.  After all you were created from the best and in HIS image.  Now answer this for me…. If the best created you in HIS image where do you stand in all of this???

Much Love,

Tracy B


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